GeniE Release Notes



Version V7.0-12, 10-Feb-2015


Official Release (64 bit Windows versions only)




Updates since last official release, i.e. V6.9-05 

User Manual – Volume 1


·           OTD5462 - Chapter 3.13.3 - Corrected the description of FTRS and FQUS element names.

·           OTD6453 - Chapter Added description of point point connection

·           OTE9329 – Chapter 2.13 - Added info: T/C analysis can be combined with a wave load activity

·           OTE10192 - Chapter 3.4.1 - Updated grouted beam dialog description.

·           OTE9201 - Chapter 3.1.12 - Added description of dynamic set GUI.

·           Added chapter - Making a report/Graphics

User Manual – Volume 2

·         OTE10224 - Chapter 3.2.2 - Updated Marine growth dialog description, added absolute elevation option.

·         OTE10193 - Chapter 3.2.1 and 5.2.4 - Updated Current profile dialog description, added absolute elevation option.

·         OTE10194 - Chapter 5.4.2 - Added text regarding buoyancy of beams at mudline

·         OTE10195 - Chapter 5.4.2 - Added text regarding multiple water depths

User Manual – Volume 3

·         OTD5268 - Updated chapter - Corrosion additions - added DNV GL (One Rule Set) to table

·         OTD7239 - Chapter 3.1.1 - Updated description of orthotropic material

·         Added Chapter 7 - Mesh Editing

·         Updated Chapter 8.1 - Added description of FEM analysis units under Create/Edit Analysis

·         Updated Chapter 10.4 - FEM import - Description of new tabs in FEM import dialog; Basic, Beams, Plates and Repair

User Manual – Volume 5

·         Chapter 6 : Added description of CSR Harmonised – Coarse mesh yield check.

·         6.4.1.General Parameters CSR Harmonised

·         6.4.2 Define Global Panel Parameters CSR Harmonised (info about yield stress assessment)

· Panel Parameters CSR Harmonised (settings for yield stress assessment)

·         6.8 Investigate and Report the Results (added yield stress assessment)


·         Updated A11 tutorial - Partial Meshing

·         Added A12 tutorial - Manual Mesh Enhancement

·         Updated tutorials A1, A2, B3, B10 to reflect GUI changes, etc.


GeniE Guiding Documents

·         Orthotropic materials tutorial - fixed errors in formulas

·         Partial Meshing

o   Added section about «Keep mesh»

o   Updated limitations

o   Added details about triggering of local remesh and update of mesh properties


·         SACS import

o   Included chapter “1.1.2 Wave load data import”

o   Included chapter “2.1.12 Unconnected joints are deleted during import”

o   Included chapter “2.1.13 Import is terminated due to problem reading FEM file”

o   Included chapter “3.2.2 Joints at unexpected positions”

o   Included chapter “5.16 The GAP_ELEMENT_TYPE set”

o   Included chapter “5.17 Loading condition names with special characters”

o   Included chapter “5.18 Limitation in use of cross section area override value”

o   Included chapter “5.19 Limitation in the material thermal expansion coefficient value”

GeniE Reference Documents

·         SACS import

o   Extended MEMBER description – added that GAP element type data is supported

o   Extended MEMOV description – added that reversed member ends is supported

o   Improved LOADCN description – informs of limited support of load factors

o   Extended DEAD description – added that “Buoyancy calculation method” and “Buoyancy below mudline option” are supported

o   Improved WAVE description – informs of how mudline elevation data is used

·         GeniE_UM_Vol4_APP_C2_AISC.pdf

o   Modification of safety factors when used in context of API

o   Cross section fabrication method; rolled vs. built-up



·         GeniE_UM_Vol4_APP_C1_API_WSD.pdf

o   Calculation of Euler buckling strength

o   Tubular joint capacity checks for KT joints



·         GeniE_UM_Vol4_APP_C3_NORSOK.pdf

o   Calculation of Euler buckling strength

o   Criteria for selecting moment reduction factor B or C when using option “Norsok B or C”



·         GeniE_UM_Vol4_APP_C3_NORSOK2013.pdf

o   Calculation of Euler buckling strength

o   Tubular joint capacity checks for KT joints

o   Criteria for selecting moment reduction factor B or C when using option “Norsok B or C”



·         GeniE_UM_Vol4_APP_C6_ISO.pdf

o   Calculation of Euler buckling strength

o   Tubular joint capacity checks for KT joints

o   Criteria for selecting moment reduction factor 2 or 3 when using option “ISO 2 or 3”



·         Updated help menu:

o   Removed obsolete How-To Videos

o   Added link to GeniE SnackPack

o   Added link to Sesam Examples

·         License Check document - updated some screenshots

·         Updated GeniE Support Request - added info about GNX file format

·         All user documentation has been rebranded to DNV GL


Documentation of new Graphics Device selection options in GeniE 7.0


Addition of DX11 and Auto option


In GeniE 7.0 the engine used for 3D graphics has been updated and two new graphics device options (View->Options->General->Select Graphics Device) have been introduced:

·         The Auto option, which is the default, attempts to choose the best display driver based on the underlying hardware as GeniE opens a workspace. For newer machines this will normally be “DX11”, unless are known problems with that machine.


·         The DX11 option is also new in GeniE 7.0 and uses DirectX 11 as the underlying interface to the GPU. In tests we have found the DX11 option to be typically 25% - 30% faster than the older DX9 option on typical GeniE scenes. Note that older GPUs do not support DX11. If you encounter any problems on your hardware that cannot be resolved by updating your graphics driver then we recommend setting DX9 to be your standard driver.


·         The DX9, OpenGL and OpenGL2 options are available as before.


The website NoteBookCheck provides a useful list of notebook graphics cards with details of whether they are DX11 capable or not.

You can also find this information from the manufacturer’s website.



Problems with DX11 on Intel GPUs


There are some known problems with Intel GPUs using DX11.


·         In several cases you may see a black graphics window with no graphics. In this case we advise upgrading your Intel driver. In some cases it has been found that the standard Windows “Update Driver -> Search for drivers” does not find the newest driver and you must update manually, usually directly from the website of the manufacturer of your PC.

·         In some newer Intel drivers we have seen cases of degraded graphics - typically some facets not being drawn. If you are running on a hybrid laptop that has both a dedicated GPU and an Intel GPU integrated on the motherboard you have the option of forcing your system to always use the dedicated GPU. The only downside is this will use more battery when not plugged in. If this is not an option then we recommend setting DX9 as your graphics device.



Addition of Anti-Aliasing


Two new types of antialiasing have been added:

·         Text Antialiasing: This improves the quality of text display and is on by default. It should only be turned off if there are noticeable problems. The setting is available under View->Options->General->Text Anti Alias.


·         Anti Alias: This improves the quality of the whole display by smoothing jagged edges that occur due to rasterisation. It uses a multi-sampling method and the level of multi-sampling can be controlled through View->Options->General->Anti Alias. This option is off by default as it can have a significant performance impact in scenes with much transparency, the higher the multi-sampling level the greater the impact on performance. This option is available for users to use if graphics performance is not an issue for them or if they wish to have higher quality display for presentations or reports. Note the setting does not currently affect the output of File->Save Graphics As and File->Save Report. Again some quality issues have been noticed with Intel cards so if you encounter these please either turn off anti-aliasing, use a different GPU if possible or try selecting a different graphics device.



 Highlighted new features


§  Reporting

    Auto-generated pictures are now part of a report

§  Partial meshing

    Support Sesam Quad and jacket models

§  Edit mesh

    Edit node, move elements, collapse elements, keep mesh, delete elements, refine grid

§  Modelling

    Robust copying of large models

§  Jacket specific

    Multiple water depths in Wajac analysis ( requires Wajac V6.6 )

    Buoyancy at mudline in Wajac analysis ( requires Wajac V6.6 )

    Auto mass/buoyancy calculation of grouted members

    Compute pile equivalent spring matrix in Splice analysis ( requires Splice V7.0 )

§  Ship and hull specific

    Yield strength assessment with acceptance criteria for different parts according to CSR Harmonised (*) based on membrane VonMises stress.

(*) IACS Common Structural Rules for Bulk Carriers and Double Hull Oil Tankers, in force July 2015

    General yield strength assessment based on membrane VonMises stress.

    Panel buckling according to CSR Harmonised (*)  (requires Nauticus Hull 2014 Patch 2).





Additional new features


GUI General

·       OTE10487  FEM file units in the Create/Edit Analysis dialog

·       OTE9507  Set rotate around local x-axis to default 90 degrees

·       OTE9506  Enhancements to Guide Line Dialog

·       OTE9201  Implement GUI dialogs for dynamic sets

·       OTE9063  Improve performance on compartment visualization

·       OTE8709  Add command line option to set HOOPS driver

·       OTE7304  Ease access to Simplify Topology

·       OTE8836  Multiple Joins of Guiding Curves

·       OTE9256  Auto update flush top/bottom of stiffeners

·       OTE6772  Adjust material density of inner beam to account for grout weight for grouted members

·       OTE9295  Compute linearized pile springs in Splice – add new input options in GeniE

·       OTE9208  Wajac input : Handle new option for enabling/disabling buoyancy at mudline

·       OTE9742  Add option to change reference level for Current to seabed Z (mudline)

·       OTE3488  Add option to change reference level for Marine Growth to seabed Z (mudline)


GUI Hull Design Tools

·       OTE9108  Hull Design Tools - Stiffener creation dialogs needs progress bars with cancel button

·       OTE8805  Compute and apply corrosion additions according to DNV GL RV5


Geometry modelling

·       OTE9026  Shape preserving curve interpolation should support datasets leading to C0 curves

·       OTE9024  Creating a spline of a given parameterization



·       OTE9359  Ensure correct image aspect ratios for exported reports

·       OTE10461 Add pixel offset for label display to beams without sections

·       OTE10171 Implement labeling and color coding of yield check results.


·       OTE9577  Support point-point connections in partial mesher mode

·       OTE8573  Support "Node numbers from joint names" in partial mesher

·       OTE8572  Support "Element numbers from beam names" in partial mesher

·       OTE8376  Support point moments in partial mesher

·       OTE9268  SACS Import: Equipments with negative mass give no loads when meshing

·         OTE8748  Support for inner beam springs in partial meshing mode

·         OTE8747  Support for shims in partial meshing mode

·         OTE9214  Support disconnected inner beams in partial meshing mode

·         OTE8689  Keep mesh

·         OTE8570  Memory usage reduced in partial meshing

·         OTE8482  Various performance improvements done for partial meshing

·         OTE8463  Full support for piles in partial meshing

·         OTE7547  Short edge elimination, mesh rule, now supported in partial mesher

·         OTE5613  SesamQuad Mesher supported in partial mesher



Data exchange

·       OTE10139   Implement storage of panel code check results on HDF5

·       OTE3071  Model views on XML

·       OTE9321  Implement exportToJS-functionality of PointPointConnection

FEM import

·       OTE8914  Import conical sections from FEM file if concept information on FEM file specifies conical section.

·       OTE9916  Import fem file with custom units

·       OTE9257  Give error message on FEM import of T<number>.FEM and number is different from SELTYP on IDENT card in the file

SACS import

·       OTE9921  SACS import: Handle load case with only current load

·       OTE9428  SACS import: Handle GAP elements

·       OTE9250  SACS import: Disable PSI selection when "Import wave load data" is deselected

·       OTE9276  SACS Import: Weights (INCWGT) in load conditions not scaled





GUI  General

·       OTD8925  Applications installed while GeniE is running are not detected

·       OTD2756  Undrained shear strength for clays is in absolute coordinates (not in relative coordinates as stated in gui)

·       OTD3210  Invisible data in Soil Curves grid

·       OTD9549  Incomprehensible behavior on applying Mesh Properties

·       OTD9363  The selected Cans/Stubs/Connected beams cannot show until click refresh graphics button

·       OTD9357  Compartment removed from view in undo & redo adjust display method of compartment

·       OTD9356  Two Hinge property commands are un-useful

·       OTD9093  Object cannot add into dynamic set by manually

·       OTD8995  Hard to snap point on guide plane with plate

·       OTD8972  Picking in mesh editing view does not pick closest element

·       OTD8841  Pressing Apply in the Wave Load Run dialog illegally activates seastate scripting

·       OTD8834  Fail to create flat region using Example A7

·       OTD8771  Edit beam dialogue takes too long to open

·       OTD8718  Incorrect Colors for Plate Node Numbers

·       OTD8525  Missing mark to show which analysis is the current one.

·       OTD7122  Selection highlighting is not cleared when defining compartment local load

·       OTD5221  Assigning no mesh property to a set of plates/beams ends up in error

·       OTD3065  Crash when importing XML with translation of value 'translate3d()'

·       OTD9095  Units cannot be added in sum depending on order

·       OTD9004  Spurious units error in Scripting

·       OTD8619  Joint definition scripting command generated by ExportToJS may fail


GUI   Hull Design Tools

·       OTD8258  Inclined stiffeners from 4 points- gaps

·       OTD8690  Default stiffener orientation should not be normal to shell  but rather follow the global coord system


Geometry modelling

·       OTD9402  Crash using flat region tool

·       OTD9273  SimplifyTopology() destroys model

·       OTD8935  Problem to delete members in a model that contain dynamic sets and joints

·       OTD8891  Error in create guide point/curve closest to beam/plate by Closest to the Selection method

·       OTD8648  JoinMultipleCurves: Error in join curves with both common ends

·       OTD7532  Display problem of compartment bottom

·       OTD7043  Plate only partly copied

·       OTD6408  REPORTED ACIS error 30001 when creating a plate next to a compartment

·       OTD3477  REPORTED ACIS Error 38001 when creating curved shell by Covering curves

·       OTD9332  User must click on knot point of the curve to imply 'Fillet all Polygonal Segments'

·       OTD9065  GeniE crash when undo/redo after create flat region

·       OTD9035  GeniE crashes during Plate/Shell Edges' Offsets on the Surface operations



·       OTD9465  Part of mesh becomes invisible when doing mesh edit and zooming

·       OTD9313  Fail to show saved model view

·       OTD9262  Color code legend truncated when saving image

·       OTD9248  Turn off antialiasing as default in 7.0 branch.

·       OTD9165  Beam always shown in solid status

·       OTD8884  GeniE crashes after update object in dynamic set

·       OTD8874  Display issue after split compartment

·       OTD8864  Undo meshing when labels are active crashes GeniE (os_persist error message)

·       OTD8603  Black screen and crash on Intel HD 3000

·       OTD8593  Color code can not show when setting it from view option dialog

·       OTD8585  It is very slow to update graphics when switch anti alias for this model

·       OTD8340  Incomplete display of beams in X/Y/Z views in Profile/Solid view modes

·       OTD8331  color coding is active then view->options should pick up the current settings for compartment content

·       OTD8153  Labels local coordinate system size shows wrong when database unit is mm

·       OTD7341  HOOPS: Water sides get wrong color after Select/Deselect

·       OTD9486  Layout of labels on axis aligned views is not ideal




·         OTD9625 Equipment as mass representation is not included when rotational acceleration field load

·       OTD9288  Missing dummy hydro load for certain elements

·       OTD9220  Tolerant modeling / database unit in [mm] yeild no load application

·       OTD9219  Tolerant modeling / database unit in [mm] yeild incorrect load application

·       OTD9157  Performance issues (after inserting compartment manager)

·       OTD8896  Incorrect sum of global loads and moments in GeniE

·       OTD9005  Win8.1 Renumber FEM element gives error - Pure virtual function call

·       OTD8742  Cannot create mesh if no mesh density on certain shape

·       OTD7606  Undo switching activity makes GeniE crash


·         OTD9499  Unstability in mesh

·         OTD9450  Fail to Update SCONCEPT card if create segment at crossing beam intersection point

·         OTD9433  Changing global superelement number after XML import forces a top level superelement to be created when not needed

·         OTD9369  Mesh of plate got removed without remesh after delete plate

·         OTD9280  BeamTypes: Support curve connected to outer beam when disconnected overlapping beams

·         OTD9205  Crash after import fem -  divide + delete + remesh

·         OTD9204  Fail to recreate missing mesh on model imported from GNX

·         OTD9138  Mesh generation error

·         OTD9089  Changing smart loadcase combination force deletion of whole mesh

·         OTD9038  Feature edge fails using subset

·         OTD8977  Number of element property has been applied to beam segment in partial mesher

·         OTD8882  Mesh remains after divide beams and delete parts of structure from FEM import

·         OTD8869  Sestra failure on model with disconnected inner beams in partial meshing

·         OTD8679  Crash when meshing model with extremely short edge

·         OTD8661  Pile not being meshed due to tolerance

·         OTD8639  Mesh not deleted after deleting plates (partial meshing)

·         OTD8504  Error message during Update mesh stage of partial remesh if split meshed beams with single segment but multiple Acis edges

·         OTD8414  Too many warnings about plate missing thickness property

·         OTD8013  Mesh missing after adding feature edge (partial meshing)

·         OTD8001  Current analysis becomes inactive when previous empty analysis activity is removed.

·         OTD7744  Run analysis without re-meshing model is not easy

·         OTD7196  Missing nodes for segmented pile

·         OTD6016  Unnecessary BC warning during meshing/performing analysis

·         OTD4997  Crash during meshing



Analysis definition

·         OTD9532 Scripting error when creating seastates without multiple water levels

·         OTD9466 Calmsea buoyancy option can't be changed

·         OTD9406 Turn formatted loads interface file ON automatically if multiple water depths

·         OTD8842 Wave Load Analysis fails after modifying default water depth


 Data exchange

·       OTD9561  HGLA can not use FEM file and rule load XML file with different units

·       OTD8822  Importing this DXF file hangs

·       OTD8399  Fail to import JS file with same database unit after specify database unit

·       OTD9206  GeniE hangs reading xml file

·       OTD9143  Missing results on some elements after importing GNX and SIN file

·       OTD8688  Mesh options not exported with XML

·       OTD8668  Corrosion addition gets unassigned from compartment during concept xml export/import

·       OTD8573  XML: LoadCase property Include Structure Mass with Rotation Field not handled on XML file

·       OTD8416  Unable to export loads and analyses from GeniE 6.8-14

·       OTD8415  Display problem in Export XML dialog

·       OTD8415 and  OTD9544  FEM not exported to gnx

·       OTD9704  Failure in TensionCompression analysis when using Partial Mesher for model with Wajac loads.



FEM import

·       OTD8016  Domain Model Import: Model Verification gives huge number of ACIS errors

·       OTD6512  CRASH when importing FEM with DB units mm

·       OTD9468  Duplicate spring element when import FEM with spring support

·       OTD9285  Import FEM with unit: Fail when mesh contains support node

·       OTD8739  Can't import FEM file

·       OTD8676  After import FEM file plates are not joined

·       OTD8514  Old FEM import fails when Plate:Element 1:1 is turned on

·       OTD7248  Importing FEM file with orthotropic material

·       OTD4787  Unsuccessful import of FEM file

·       OTD8627  FEM import  merging beam elements may result in cyclic edge chains causing apex error


SACS import:

·       OTD9473  SACS import: Handle MEMOV card when member name is reverted

·       OTD9296  SACS import: Load cases containing WAVE with WIND and/or CURR

·       OTD9199  SACS import: GRPOV/MEMOV local Y/Z - the converter read blank field as zero

·       OTD9190  SACS conversion crashed due to two members



·       OTD9274  API WSD 2005 and Norsok 2004 member options not properly handled in reporting

·       OTD8981  Wrong surface area in material take off report

·       OTD8440  Incorrect parameter description in FEM beam stress report


Code Check

·         Plate code checks.

O OTD8666   Create capacity panels  get: Identifier 'Cc1'  function 'createPanels' : invalid vector<T> subscript

·         Frame code checks

o   OTD8478  Unknown error pops up when update members from structure in certain situation

o   OTD8449  Crash when run code check which has no linked analysis

o   OTD8308  Code check: API WSD joint check  wrong safety factor for loads defined as condition earthquake

o   OTD9018  Selecting national annex for EC3 is not updating the safety factors

o   OTD8729  Code check: Norsok rev3  X joint  calculation of Qf factor for axial load




Version V6.9-05, 02-Sep-2014


Official Release (32 bit & 64 bit)



Updates since last official release, i.e. V6.8-14: 

User Manual – Volume 1


·         Updated chapter 3.3.6 Split/Join curves

Added description of “Split at Discontinuities”


·         Updated chapter 3.3.7 Guiding curves on surfaces

Added description of “Plate/Shell Offsets Normal to the Surface”


·         Updated chapter 3.4.5 Shells from point nets

Added description of “Shape Preserving Grid Interpolation”


·         Updated chapter 3.4.6 Hull Design Tools

Added description of “Punch and Cut” of profiles and guiding curves.

Added new section : 2D Profiles (was earlier in section 3.8.7)

Added description of “Export entities in Box to XML”

Updated description on how to use planar 3D NURBS when using Profile Punch or Cut, page 155

Updated chapter 3.10.4 - Added info regarding curved beams and equipment



User Manual – Volume 3


·         Updated chapter - 9.4 - Import FEM file dialog updated
Added “Beam:Element 1:1” and “Join same thickness properties” options.

·         Updated chapter – 9.6 – Import SACS file dialog:
Added "Import Wind Area Data" and "Import Weight Data" options.



Reference documents


·       SACS to SESAM reference doc updated.

Description if the following cards are updated: PGRUP, GRPOV, MEMOV, AREA and SURFWT+SURFID+SURFDR

Added paragraph in section 1.9 describing new features in version 2.5-01 of the SACS converter



Guiding documents


·         Updated Sacs Import guidelines

o   Chapter 2.1.10 Wind area data or weight area data import fails
Description of "Import Wind Data" and "Import Weight Data" options

o   Chapter 5.3 Limitation in load combinations
Limitations wrt. Wind and wave loads in combination with Wave load AL option.

o   Chapter 5.13 Limitations in wind import and how to solve them

o   Chapter 5.14 Limitations when GRPOV/MEMOV defined for specific load cases

o   Chapter 5.8  The PLATE_TYPE sets
Define Plate according to PGRUP info

·         Updated Partial Meshing guidelines

 Partially split plates will now be meshed since geometrical decomposition is now working.





·         Updated tutorial A10 Wind Loads - added missing XML file

·         Updated tutorial A11 Partial Meshing
 Removed “Partially split plates will not be meshed” on page 7, since this now should work

·         Updated tutorial B11 updated

·         Updated tutorial B10 - updated the B10_clean JS file



New features

GUI General

·        Improving the error messages in shape-preserving grid interpolation (OTE9023)

·         Adding scripting possibilities to set and get position and orientation of equipment (OTE8953).


GUI Hull Design Tools

·      Hull Design Tools: Setup the "undo" mark. Use the temporary name-setters for beams (OTE8826)

·      Hull Design Tools: Default beam offset and beam relative to plate:  If "Normal to the shell" is checked Offset Direction should be disabled. (OTE7421)

·       Hull Design Tools: Add material on the creation of beams, using the current Default material if set. (OTE8768)

·       Named Point Sets: Add labelling of Point Keys. Use RMB on a Named Point Set - Point Keys. (OTE8769)

·        Named Point Sets: XML import/export (OTE8765)

·        Hull Design Tools: Man Holes from Guiding Geometry Entities. (OTE8582)

·        Hull Design Tools: Cutting Box on XML export. (OTE8584)

·        Flanges: Offset of surface edges normal to the surface. (OTE8583)

·        Circular Fillet of Polygonal Segments (OTE8651)



·         Require remesh if user changes mesh idealization options (OTE9028)

·         Performance improvements on corrosion addition computations (OTE8672).

·         Geometric decomposition available in association with Partial Meshing (OTE5583).


FEM import

·         FEM Import : Join unique thickness properties (OTE8538)

·         FEM Import checkbox "Beam:Element 1:1" (OTD7632) 

SACS import

·    Issue warning when irregular surface weights are imported (OTE8950)

·         Issue warning when converting a SACS wind area with projected areas in X, Y and /or Z directions (OTE8952)

·         SACS import: Add "Import Wind Data" and "Import Weight Data" options (OTE8616)

·         SACS import:  Define Plate according to PGRUP info (OTE7855)

·         SACS import: Improved handling of 'R' option in DEAD card (OTE8613)




GUI  General

·         GeniE crashes if load is labelled when LC not active (OTD8240).

·         Fixed crash in path finder due to running out of memory (OTD8256)

·         Removing memory leaks and bad behaviour (OTD8344).

·         Prevent GeniE from crashing if Acis function throws exception (OTD8102).

·         Prevent unnecessary model verification. Turn interactive model verification off by default (OTD8384).

·         Export GNX with mesh on XML should work after analysis complete even if AlwaysRegenerateMesh (OTD8341)

·         CRASH in undo reading JS command file (OTD8229)

·         GeniE crash if apply cone section to two beam segments with joint design rule (OTD8236)

·         GUI: Soil curve dialog fails when Length display unit format set to Fixed with 2 decimals (OTD6123)

·         ERROR and CRASH in reading js file of Example A7 (OTD8047).

·         Throw exception if missing XML file and wrong compatibility version when running in batch (OTD7964)

·         ACIS error in create plate/beam after analysis using Win32 (OTD7946)


GUI   Hull Design Tools

·    Inclined stiffeners from 4 points = bad mesh (OTD8263)

·         Color coding thickness value and section in report (OTD8342,OTD8339).

      Improving on the chapter names, so that they include either "Beam" or "Plate".

      Made inclusion conditional, so that if a set doesn't conain any plates or beams, that pic

·         Inclined stiffeners from 4 points - wrong offset direction - Use a 10 deg angle as tolerance (OTD8257).

·         Inclined stiffeners from 4 points- unpredictable results (OTD8256).

·         Fixed tab order in Hull Design Tool dialogs (OTD8300).

·         Fixed unknown error message when creating inclined stiffeners from 4 points (OTD7730).

·         Fix crash in Create Longitudinal Beams On Side Shell when one of the curves are invalid (OTD8226).

·         Added validation of frame names to avoid crash. (OTD8295).

·         Local system of the first stiffener is wrong if it is created from 4 points (OTD8212).

·         Problem in create translational surface when path curve and profile curve not intersected with each other (OTD8213)

·         Genie crashes on the creation of a beam from a guiding curve (OTD8102).

·         Hull modelling tools do not check validity of input parameters (OTD8155)

·        Genie crashes on the creation of a beam from a guiding curve (OTD8102)

·        Crashes after split at discontinuities (OTD8147,OTD8148)

·         Corrections in translational surfaces (OTD8132 OTD8140,OTD8141)

·        Default point name prefix is changed after creating a named point set (OTD8154).

·        Small convexity indicators cause polynomial degrees to increase beyond the integer range (OTD8098)

·        Shell intersection with plane hangs (OTD8002,OTD8003)

·        Not all beams and plates are included into the report (OTD7953)



·         Fail to update color code after change of "Dim not color-coded" in view option (OTD8014)

·         Image export does not place labels at the correct coordinates (OTD7389).

·         Ensure dimmed compartments can be highlighted as selected (OTD8247).



·         Error and crash/hang-up in partial meshing after delete structure (OTD8448)


·         Surface load disappear after force remesh for plates (OTD8349)


·        Error in SPROPILE card, node number for infinite long pile below certain z-level may be wrong (OTD7187)

·         Error in meshing after changed meshed subset (OTD8105)

·         Fail to mesh partially split plates with interior vertex loop when mesh density equals distance between interior vertices (OTD8104)

·         Generation of compartment loads hangs for model with 'mm' as database units (OTD8239).

·         Beams piercing plates - problem with refined mesh densities (OTD2608)

·         Performance degradation at meshing of a SACS model with many point loads (OTD7900)            


FEM import

·         Make possible to turn off detect disconnected inner beams on FEM import (OTD8396).

·         Give error message when trying to import point boundary conditions not connected to any plates or beams (OTD8313).

·         Fix ACIS error and potential crash when importing FEM model with plates that are connected only at a single point (OTD7698).

·         Disallow beam merging for fully coupled inner beams. Disallow merging of segments on concept beams. Allow creation of multiple beams from one fem element (OTD8276).

·         Fix import of model with invalid concept information (OTD8089).

·         Fixed import of mesh on pile from FEM. The two-way connection between FEM file and concept model for the element at  the top of the pile now works (OTD8259).

·         Fix regression with improved detection of overlapping inner beams (OTD8278).

·         When importing joints on overlapping nodes, a better rule for which of the nodes should be default connection point has been implemented (OTD8088).

·         Domain Model Import: Segments of named beam are incorrectly joined (OTD8015).

·         Import of overlapping beams with one end connected and the other end not connected now supported (OTD8278).

·         Give warning when importing plate with material that is not supported (OTD8033).

·        Orphan FEM elements without properties created when updating mesh with BC after Domain Model FEM import. (OTD8004)

·         Invisible mesh after import of Rule Load XML for models imported from FEM  (OTD7675)
       -  Set current analysis back after Rule Load XML import + set option to import global loadcases into analysis

·         Elements missing after undo partial meshing followed by meshing again (tolerance issues) (OTD7898)

·         Fix import of joints when connected to support point, piles, mass points etc. (OTD7789)

·         "Domain Model importer: Crash when importing SACS based FEM model" (OTD7786)


SACS import:

·        SACS import: Convert a SACS wind area with projected areas in X, Y and/or Z directions (OTD8323)

·         SACS import: Illegal weight equipment definition when missing weight coordinates (OTD8425)

·         Only import global MEMOV/GRPOV lines (OTD8249)

·         Give warnings when loadcase dependent GRPOV and MEMOV cards are contained in SACS file (OTD8337)

·         Wrong assignment/definition of hydrodata from GRPOV cards (OTD8382)

·         SACS import: Critical WAVE position AL is not supported (OTD7817)

·         SACS import: Enhanced PSI import when wrong number of soil strata is given (OTD7537)


Code Check

·         CSR Harmonised code check

O CSR-H buckling check fails to execute for model imported from FEM (OTD8138)    

o   Severe performance issue on CSR-H panel check for FEM imported model (OTD8420) 
Fixed performance issue with getting section and thickness data from FEM file with extremely many thickness and/or section cards

·         Frame code checks

o   Create capacity member on fully connected overlapping beams gives wrong members (OTD8054)



Version V6.8-14, 19-Jun-2014


Release Candidate (32 bit & 64 bit)



Updates since last official release, i.e. V6.7-12: 

User Manual – Volume 1


· Added chapter 3.4.6 - Hull Design Tools

· Changed chapter 3.8.7  - Cut and Punch         

· Added chapter 3.14.5 - Explaining “Continue on element shape error”

· Updated chapter 3.12.1 – Added note about restrictions when moments are included in the point load

· Updated chapter 3.9.4 - Added explanation of using joints in a load interface


User Manual – Volume 3


· Updated chapter - 9.6  - Import SACS-file dialog updated

· Updated chapter 4.2.1 – Added note about restrictions when moments are included in the point load


Reference documents


·  Updated reference documents for code checks:


·         C1_API_WSD : Added explanation of effective thickness

·         C3_NORSOK2013

·         C6_ISO


·  SACS to SESAM reference doc updated.

·         Updated description of supported cards with latest developments.

·         Added table with description of cards that are not automatically converted.


Guiding documents


·         Updated Sacs Import guidelines

·         Added Chapter 3.3 – How to recreate conical members.

·         Added Chapter 6.12 – How soil data is converted from SACS input.

·         Added Partial Meshing guidelines

·         Added Orthotropic Materials modelling guidelines





·         Added tutorial A10 Wind Loads

·         Added tutorial A11 Partial Meshing


New features



·       Hull Design Tools

·         Dialogs for creating stiffeners on shells.

·         Definition of XYZ Grids by using Point Sets (OTE7984)

·         Create Axes Discretization (Grids) with Guiding Points (OTE7483)

·         Reports in Ship Design Tools (OTE7088)

·          Loop Offsets as Guiding Curves (OTE7914)

·         Activated "sphere" in the structure surface modelling menu (OTE7759)

·         Color code set membership of selected sets (OTE7905) 

·         Added analysis program setting "Continue on error" also for TensionCompression and PileSoil analysis (OTE8206)

·         Sestra Quad and Sestra Tri element quality criteria are now available in Locate FE (OTE7812)


 ·        Partial meshing (regeneration of mesh only on a part of the model).

·       Export to workspace to compound document (.GNX)

FEM import

·         New and faster Domain model importer (for ship hulls and complex structures).

·         Option for non-manifold plate split on/off.

·         Added progress reporting (with cancel) (OTE7636)

SACS import

·         "Improve performance related to writing concepts" (OTE7867)

·          Apply point moment on interior of beam and create node when meshing (OTE7936)

·         Wind loads: Distribute Wind Area (and Equipment) loads to specified Joints (OTE7724)


Code Check

·         CSR Harmonised code check

o   CSR-H: Fix for manually updating curved panels. Improved calculation of panel plane definition. (OTE7672)

o   CSR-H: Fix for yield check when OnePanelPerThickness idealization method has been used (OTE7672).

o   CSR-H: Bug fix. Wrong stiffener height calculation found during testing. (OTE7672)

o   CSR-H: Add yielding sub-check to CSR Harmonised panel code check. (OTE7683)

o   CSR-H FEA missing rule update found during testing. (OTE7672)






·         Improper message given in dialog Local Parameter for Split at Parameter (OTD7726)

·         Fail to update color coding of code check results when switching loadcase (OTD7678)

·         When a plate side is selected, add its parent plate to the working set (OTD7715)

·         Crash when save workspace after import xml (OTD7486)

·         Joint symbols disappear when only plates meet at a joint position. (OTD7406)

  - Joint symbol size is random when beams without a cross section meet at a joint.  

  - With this fix a default size of 0.5 m is selected if program is unable to determine symbols

·         SplitAtAnalyticDiscontinuities() removes part of revolution(sphere) surface (OTD6996)

·         CSR-H Rule change from 2013 October rules reverted in 2014 January rules (OTD7171).

·         Problems displaying wave profile if more than one wave load profile is included in load combination (if e.g. one of them is a calm sea wave load condition) (OTD7082)

·         Saved analysis result is lost after closing workspace without saving (OTD7080)



·         GeniE reports a warning while Sestra reports an error (OTD5804)

·         Report with non-unique or long sheet names cannot be opened in Excel (OTD2753/OTD2757)



·         Mesh option for edge fail when uniform is specified on edge and global meshstrategy is lineLinear (OTD7720)

·         Wrong SCONMESH card after divide beam with cross beam (OTD7757)

·         Meshing crashes after deleting all load cases before meshing, when compartments exist in model (OTD7749)

·         Elements missing on cargo hold (OTD7748)

·         "Update mesh" always triggered when meshing subset in model with compartment loads (OTD7694)

·         Orthotropic material changes, doesn't trigger conditional meshing to update mesh (OTD7306)

·         Error in GELMNT2 card written from GeniE when more than 983 supernodes (i.e. number of piles*number of soil layers) (OTD6831).

·         GeniE crash due to point load that does not snap to node (OTD7249).

·         Fixed problem with compacting internal ids before loads were applied causing wrong id for linear dependency (OTD7050

·         Error when setNoGlobalMeshDensity in mesh property dialog after meshing (OTD7378)

·         Changing mesh density of circular plate surrounded by plate will lead to crash (OTD7026)

·         Fixed problem with deletion of beam in rigid link bounding box (OTD7346)

·         Large SIN file (and potential crash) when doing partial update of mesh (OTD7166)

·         Mesh view is not updated when switching activity (OTD6990)

·         Errors in hopper tank model (OTD7054)

·         Fixed major performance bottlenecks in meshing. (OTD7696)


FEM import

·         FEM import: Disconnected overlapping beams with Joint connecting points are not imported correctly (OTD7761)


SACS import:

·         Improve wind AREA import to cover Area Ids with same identifier and also blank Area Id (OTD7735)

·         Correct and harmonize warning messages from importing GRPOV and MEMOV cards" and handling 'B' option in col.19 GRPOV/MEMOV cards (OTD7716)

·         Conversion from inch to ft goes wrong in PSI import (OTD7293)

·         Override hydrodynamic coefficients as factors from GRPOV/MEMOV cards (OTD7275).

·         FLOO cards should not be written for wishbone elements (OTD7292)

·         Disable “Use SACS beam name” option when not importing beam concepts (OTD7291)

·        Fix problem with Wind Profile only load case, wrong combination factor assigned to load case (OTD7014).

·         Ignore and give warning when ELASTC label of exists on JOINT card (OTD7382)




Version V6.7-12, 11-Mar-2014


Official Release (32 bit & 64 bit)





Updates since last official release, i.e. V6.6-08: 

Vol 1:

·Removed chapter 4.8 - documentation about "Set External Applications" (OTE 6955)

·Added chapter 3.6.12 – explanation of Edit Beam dialog; Local System, Translate and Buckling

·Added chapter 3.22 – Wind loads



Vol 2:

·Added description of Buoyancy Area on pages 80 and 95

·Replaced figure 5.27 on page 83 and added text to the figure (OTE6020)



Vol 3:

·New chapter 6.8 describing how to set node and element numbers from name of joints and beams (OTE6511)

·Added chapter 3.1.1 – Orthotropic Material


Vol 4:

·Added description of grouted joint in the following code check reference documents (OTD6334):

o   Vol4_APP_C1_API_WSD

o   Vol4_APP_C3_NORSOK2013

o   Vol4_APP_C6_ISO

·Added description of “Update Buckling Data On Structure From Members”, chapter 5.2

· Updated the description of Buckling length, Effective length factor and Moment amplification in the following code check reference documents (OTE6939):

o   Vol4_APP_C1_API_WSD

o   Vol4_APP_C2_AISC

o   Vol4_APP_C3_NORSOK

o   Vol4_APP_C3_NORSOK2013


o   Vol4_APP_C5_API_LRFD

o   Vol4_APP_C6_ISO

o   Vol4_APP_C7_DS



·  SACSToFem reference document updated

·  SacsImportGuidelines updated


New features


·  GUI: Updates in the use of AVM to find Sesam applications (OTE5953)

·  GUI: Removing the "Set external applications" dialog (OTE6875).

·  GUI: Add rotate around center of model option to Turntable (OTE6644)

·  GUI: Add labelling of Buckling Length and Moment Factor to Beam (OTE7087)


·  Graphics: Upgrade to HOOPS 19.37 (OTE6603)

·  Graphics: Set VRAM correctly for AMD 8790 on 32bit (OTE6646)

·  Graphics: Change default for color code light mode to be enabled (OTE7466)


·  Modelling: Surfaces covering three-sided holes (OTE6185)

·  Modelling: Orthotropic Material (OTE3229)

·  Modelling: Create dialog for Buoyancy defined by using separate area and not hydrodynamic diameter (OTE6018)

· Modelling: Wind loads: Compute wind loads on equipment (OTE6631)


·  Analysis: Allow loads from Wajac to be merged into load combinations when running Tension/Compression analysis (OTD6115)


·  Meshing: Update of node numbers for support curve in reporting (OTE6012)


·  XML Export & Import: support orthotropic materials (OTE7013)

·  XML Export & Import: support extended "Buckling length" capacity member data (OTE6635)


·  Reporting: Split reporting of buckling data of beams in 3 columns (OTE7131)


·  SACS import: Utilize stiffness property overrides for BAR cross section definition (OTE5382)

·  SACS import: Make reading of floating number more robust (OTE4132)

·  SACS import: Handle buckling length/buckling factor data (OTE6638)

·  SACS import: Handle different CD/CM values for Fouled/Non-fouled members (OTE5380)

·  SACS import:  BuoyancyArea property (OTE6329)

·  SACS import: Handle "N" option in col1 9 on MEMOV and GRPOV (OTE6512)

·  SACS import: Added "Use SACS beam name" option (OTE5384)


·  Frame Code check: Extend "Buckling Factor" property related to beam concept (OTE6593)

·  Frame Code check: Enable "Buckling Length" and "Moment amplification" of capacity member to be updated From Structure (OTE6634/OTE6716)

·  Frame Code check: Implement grouted joints according to Norsok 2013 (OTE3599)

·  Frame Code check: Implement Grouted Joints according to ISO19902 (OTE3599)

·  Frame Code check: Implement Grouted Joints according to API WSD 2005 (OTE3599)

·  Frame Code check: ISO joint check SMYS and 80% tensile strength (OTE6321) 




·  GUI: Tooltip message no longer fixed to the primary monitor (OTD6194)

·  GUI: Store position of MVVM dialogs and open them up at same location as it was closed (OTD6137).

·  GUI: Force Message boxes to lock the program until the user has closed it (OTD6167)

·  GUI: Fix invalid scripting commands when creating point-point connection interactively (OTD6297)

·  GUI: Fix bug in updating stiffness in Point-Point connection dialog (OTD6298)

·  GUI: Prevent dialogs generated during interactive GUI actions from getting focus by default (OTD6137)


·  Modelling: Bounding box equipments no longer works (OTD6989).

·  Modelling: Loadcase Copy lost user-defined Design Condition (OTD6178)

·  Modelling: Model Curve does not lie on surface (OTD5818)

·  Modelling: Normal of inside-out surface is unexpectedly flipped by SplitAtAnalyticDiscontinuities()  (OTD5485)

·  Modelling: Fail to divide surface by curve with DB length unit mm-FAIL to create Feature Edge in workspace with DB unit mm (OTD6623, OTD6554)

·  Modelling: Weird topology of plates in workspace with length unit mm (OTD6430)

·  Modelling: Fix problem with invalid point point connection not generating error (OTD2779)

·  Modelling: Hinge creation: Apply button disabled until clicking in Fixation box (OTD6585)

·  Modelling: Fix undo issues related to compartments (OTD5264, OTD6626, OTD6531, OTD5851).  Fix issue with deleting plate between compartments not causing empty compartment to be deleted.

·  Modelling: Fix problem with disconnecting joint and then setting default connection point not working (OTD6462).

·  Modelling: Fail to cover curves (OTD6540)

·  Modelling: Incorrect normal to surface when DB length unit is mm (OTD6527)

·  Modelling: Fail to create point on curve with different DB & Input units (OTD6523)

·  Modelling: Compatibility issues in skinning surface construction (OTD6601)

·  Modelling: Crumpled presentation of curved beam with flipped local axis (OTD5988)

·  Modelling: One compartment is missing after UNDO punching plate (OTD6531)

·  Modelling: Fixed problem with redo after change to permeability (OTD5851)

·  Modelling: Fail to cover curves (OTD6540)

·  Modelling: Incorrect normal to surface when DB length unit is mm (OTD6527)

·  Modelling: Fail to create point on curve with different DB & Input units (OTD6523)

·  Modelling: Compatibility issues in skinning surface construction (OTD6601)

·  Modelling: One compartment is missing after UNDO punching plate (OTD6531)

·  Modelling: Fixed problem with redo after change to permeability (OTD5851)

·  Modelling: The guide-curve length JS command should have units (OTD6386)

·  Modelling: Three-sided holes with conic sections gives error message (OTD6402)

·  Modelling: Crash when creating pile with reference point modelling (OTD5848).

·  Modelling: Implement better logic to handle units (OTE6488,OTD5964,OTD5902,OTD5682)

·  Modelling: ACIS reports SEVERE ERROR for ellipse with radius ratio greater than 1.0 (OTD5819)


·  Graphics: Model disappearing, can't work interactively (OTD5027)

·  Graphics: Invisible shell after dividing a sphere (OTD4625) 

·  Graphics: Wireframe view does not work after closing & opening workspace (OTD2826)

·  Graphics: Ensure mesh labels are regenerated when loadcase is updated (OTD6388).

·  Graphics: Turn cut edge and face visibility off for paper view as default (OTD6424)

·  Graphics: Snapping point preview Fails without hardware acceleration (OTD5176)

·  Graphics: Crash after change of mesh view options (OTD6022).

·  Graphics: Fail to save visible model of Cut Plane (OTD5850)


·  Analysis:  Crash when wave load analysis is executed as part of a PSI analysis with smart load combinations turned off (OTD6190)

·  Analysis:  Fix problem with mesh being destroyed after mesh + close workspace (OTD5938).

·  Analysis:  Fix crash when doing undo/redo (OTD6375)


·  Meshing: Drilling Elements are not written in the FEM file (OTD6832)

·  Meshing: Sestra fails due to element connected twice to same node (X558F)  (OTD6776)

·  Meshing: Meshing a medium size plate model makes GeniE crash (OTD6645)

·  Meshing: Compartment load is missing on some shell elements with specified fine mesh density (OTD6610)

·  Meshing: CRASH when meshing subset of a model with predescribed displacement (OTD6557)

·  Meshing: A rigid link with no slave nodes will not be written to file (OTD6332)

·  Meshing: Wet surface changes shall always trigger update loads (OTD6151)

·  Meshing: degenerated holes with second order elements (OTD6255)

·  Meshing: Missing load on some very small elements (OTD5615)

·  Meshing: NaN on BELLO2 card on FEM file for 2nd order beam elements (OTD6128)

·  Meshing: GeniE crashes when meshing mass point in position not corresponding to any mesh vertex) (OTD6157)

·  Meshing: Rigid links will now be created even if they are created at a point not part of model (OTD6153)

·  Meshing: Fixed problem with number of elements specified on feature edge is not working (OTD5952)

·  Meshing: Temperature loads are not applied to truss elements (OTD5784)


·  SACS import: Density overrides on MEMBER and MEMOV cards not handled  (OTD5672)

·  SACS import: Handle degenerate triangular PLATE (OTD6437)

·  SACS import: Ensure that <model>.LOG file always routed to Message tab when importing SACS model 

·  SACS Import: Handle mean period ratio for API 21th edition wind profile (OTD6450)

·  SACS/FEM import: Fixed problem with accuracy of imported point and line loads on beams (OTD5817)

·  SACS import:  Buoyancy area and marine growth thickness override values on inner grouted members set to 0.0 (OTE6499)

·  SACS/FEM Import: Line loads only on a part of a beam may be lost (OTD6048)

·  SACS import: Flooding override may fail (OTD5950)

·  SACS import: Change gravity constant to 9.80665 m/s2 as default (OTD5923)

·  SACS import: Incorrect soil curve if input contains duplicate (0,0)-pairs (OTD5912)

·  SACS import: Apply prefix to imported equipments (OTD5830)

·  SACS import: Add warning when parsing SOIL TORSION data (OTD5854)

·  SACS import: Wishbone elements written to Wajac.inp (OTD5844)

·  SACS import: Misleading warnings in PSI import (OTD5808)


·  XML exchange: Fixed defect XML export of wave load analysis failed when step type was SINGLE. This caused entire wave load analysis to not be exported to xml (OTD6251).

·  XML exchange: Nothing happens if you don't select export with topology (OTD5943)

·  XML exchange: Fixed import of stiffness matrix at a support point when import into a workspace with different database units (corrected units for off diagonal terms) (OTD6124)

·  XML exchange: Import fails in roundtrip for MorisonConstant hydro property (OTD6351)

·  XML exchange: Fixed design condition, manually entered factor not exported to XML (OTD6080).

·  XML exchange: Fix XML issue with ISO general options code check (OTD5811)

·  XML exchange: Changes needed to preserve compatibility on XML between 6.5 and 6.6 for API WSD 2005 (OTD5811)

·  XML exchange: Different Code Check results when model imported by XML to workspace with different units (OTD5822)

·  XML exchange: Missing bounding box on xml for bounding box equipment (OTD7000)


·  Frame code check: Danish Standard DS449, joint capacity check, error calculating 'mu' (OTD4352)

·  Frame code check: API WSD 2005 Punch check: Incremental step value should be independent of DB unit (OTD5929)

·  Frame code check: API WSD 2005 Punch check: Incorrect Required Thk. when Tmax=T (OTD5927)

·  Frame code check: Norsok 2013, the option "Use Geometric Limits" is not printed under General options (OTD6017)

·  Frame code check: IPB and OPB chord bending moments not correctly calculated for joint checks (OTD4161)

·  Frame code check: Redesign dialog always enforce buckling data changes to all runs (OTD6765)

·  Frame code check: Error in AISC member codecheck dialog (OTD6659)

·  Frame code check: An error has been discovered for the "new" properties dialog for AISC member check. "Lateral torsional buckling modification" shall not have length unit (it is dimensionless)

·  Frame code check: The Flooding status does not update when switching from one codecheck member concept to another (OTD6650)

·  Frame code check: Fix behavior of code check selection when selecting member from 3d graphics (OTD6633)

·  Frame code check: Capacity members with general section do not get updated (OTD6411)






Version V6.6-08, 25-Sep-2013.


Official Release (32 bit & 64 bit)




Updated since last official release, i.e. V6.5-04 

·  GeniE UM Volume 1

·  GeniE UM Volume 3

·  GeniE UM Volume 4

·  Reference documents for code checks

·  GeniE_UM_Vol4_APP_C6_ISO.pdf

·  GeniE_UM_Vol4_APP_C3_NORSOK.pdf

·  GeniE_UM_Vol4_APP_C4_EUROCODE.pdf

·  GeniE_UM_Vol4_APP_C3_NORSOK2013.pdf  (new)

·  SACS Import Guidelines & SACS Import Reference Document


New features

·  Angular tolerance now initialized to 2 deg when creating new workspace. (OTD4984, OTE5225, OTE5226)

·  GenieRules.Meshing.eliminateInternalEdges set to true when creating new workspace. 

·  Graphics

o   Cannot assign space to "Zoom all" as that makes it impossible to use space in scripting window. Setting back to F9.(OTE5320)

o   Fit camera to selection context menu and Alt-Z accelerator (OTE5575)

o   Upgrade to HOOPS 19.35 (OTE5785)

o   Add 'display world origin' option for image export (OTE5745)

o   Cut planes (OTE4350)

·  Modelling

o   Create grouted beam dialog (OTE5633)

o   More efficient point-point connection modelling at a selection of joints  (OTE5632)  

o   Support rigid link : Needs option to make slave node rotational dofs dependent on master node (OTE5611)

o   Added mesh option to include longitudinal mass for nonstructural elements (ELTYAD=2) (OTE5788).
Note that use of this option requires Sestra 8.6-00 or later.  The option is turned on as default.
When using older versions of Sestra, the user must remember to turn off this option (in Edit | Rules | Meshing – General tab) if the model contains non-structural beams.

·  Guiding geometry

o   New method for filling a triangular hole of quadratic boundary curves (OTE5399)

o   New JS-Command(s) & GUI for u & v nodal iso-parametrics on surfaces as guiding curves (OTE5223)

o   GUI for ZX and YZ guiding planes (OTE5221, OTE5222)

o   New js-commands for retrieving the bounds of a guiding-curve's parametric interval (OTE5224).

·  Code check

o   Norsok Rev 3 (2013) implemented (OTE4835)

o   Joint code check according to API WSD 2005, section 4.2.3 Minimum capacity (OTE5081)

o   Add feature to get information about the critical chord thickness for punch check - API WSD 2005 (OTE5631)

o   CSR Harmonised : Subtracting corrosion addition for max compression and max shear points.  (OTE5263)

o   CSR Harmonised : Calculation of alpha factor moved to rule task. Input of plate length a is updated. (OTE5263)


·  SACS import

o   SACS import: Added support for single symmetric I-section (PGU) (OTE3947)

o   SACS import: Include acceleration info and Weight factors in weight generation (OTE4988)

o   SACS import: Support for joint weights (WGTJT) and weight combinations (WGTCMB) (OTE4988)

o   SACS import: Import of blanket loads (surface weight data - SURFWT, SURFID and SURFDR) (OTE4440)

o   SACS import: Import of equipment loads (WGT*)

o   SACS import: Support M/R bouyancy option of DEAD card (OTE5375)

o   SACS import: Always make MASS card on sacstmp_WAJAC.INP (OTE5707)

o   SACS import: Make set for each non-structural part (OTE5376)

o   SACS import: Import WIND profile and assign to seastates (OTE5377)

o   SACS import: Import Air Drag coefficients and assign to members (OTE5379)

o   SACS import: Make a RES_GRUP_MOD set (OTE5959)


·  Wave loads

·  Handle new options for buoyancy and added mass computation (OTE5612)
Note that the use of the new features requires Wajac D6.4-03 or later.
  - OPTI card : OPT11  Member end forces due to buoyancy are included if set to 0, but not included if set to 1
  - MASS card : ADMAS = 3 include longitudinal added mass



·  Modelling

o   Fixed crash in Slicer graph dialog (OTD5193)

o   Fixed problem with the current snap plane value not being properly used (OTD5138).

o   Fixed crash when joining compartments (OTD5143).

o   Fixed problem with disconnect and connect of connection point giving missing default connection point (OTD5622)

o   Problem with modeling after undo/delete (OTD5591)

o   Ensure properties of plate materials are restored after undo (OTD5708)

o   Unable to modify Liquid pressure checkbox when modifying Linear Varying Pressure for a compartment (OTD5477)

o   Jscript error surface load pressure function (OTD5329)

o   Connection points of joint is changed while meshing + export clean js fails when changing default connection point. (OTD5669)

o   Fixed issue with pile soil meshing and undo/redo not working (OTD5760).


·  Guiding geometry

o   Unknown error with GetCurveInformation of a self-intersecting curve (OTD5238)

o   Error with KnotVectorPoint after Knot Insertion at UpperBound (OTD5232)

o   Fixed problem with picking not working for vector in Structure | Free form shells | Sweep/Extrude a profile along a vector (OTD5178)

o   Fixed crash when creating control point set and doing undo during preview (OTD5248).


·  Meshing

o   Alt + M now creates an analysis with only meshing enabled, or opens current analysis with only meshing enabled. (OTD4979)

o   Fixed problem with the name of the joint written for all nodes at the joint (OTD5242)

o   Fixed performance bottleneck regarding updating the meshmap (OTD5156)

o   Sestra tri criterion corrected to be consistent with Sestra in mesh warnings Sestra triangle check criterion checked during meshing, was not properly non-dimensional

o   Fixed problem with newton polynominal taking log to zero which gave invalid BELLO2 card with NaN values (OTD5188)

o   Fixed problem with line load on slightly curved beam not working as expected (OTD5373)

o   Fixed problem with infinite recursion in sesam quad mesher (OTD2736)

o   Element reference problem with FEM imported model (OTD5291)

o   Corrected problem related to point masses and partial meshing (OTE5784)

o   Meshing model with SESAM quad and remove internal edges creates a mesh lying outside geometry - solved problem for 'mm' database units. (OTD5689)

o   Fixed problem with point tolerance and duplicate node loads being created on mesh (OTD5774)

·  SACS Import

o   SACS Import: Missing handling of errors in the Pile data in PSI input file (OTD5298)

o   SACS import: Corrected Material density scaling error for (grouted members) (OTD5206)

o   SACS import: Info wrt Flooded vs. Non-flooded defined on MEMOV card is not taken into account ()

o   SACS import: Flooding is not applied to whole beam when GRPOV with AL option is used (OTD5333)

o   SACS import: Duplicate thickness properties generated during import (OTD2796)

o   SACS import: Duplicate hinges generated during import (OTD2796)

o   SACS import: Unsupported PLSECT card makes PSI import fail (OTD5595)

o   SACS import: Flooding overrides not assigned as expected (OTD5596)

o   SACS import: Pile import fails for batter data (OTD5543)

o   SACS import: Pile material scaling error (OTD5595)

o   SACS import: Crash if User Defined WAVE kinematics data cards (OTD5749)

o   SACS import: Material density for piles not handled (OTD5733)

o   SACS import : Does not handle wind shielding WINDSHL card (OTD5783)


·  Data exchange XML

o   Adding mesh option to supportcurves on XML (OTD5158)

o   Connection manager lost after xml export/import (OTD5192).

o   Split Periodic Geometry mesh option missing in XML (OTD5376)

·  Graphics

o   DX9 graphics lost docking and undocking (OTD3854)

o   Text labels not oriented correctly when image output via javascript (OTD5716)

o   Ensure color code updates when property assignment is removed (OTD5279)

o   Make Alt-S to work for Environment (OTD4944)

o   Node boundary condition markers incorrectly sized in mm workspace. (OTD4339)

·  Wave load analysis


o   Wajac input generation stops when hard coded Wajac limitations are exceeded (OTD5577)

-   now gives warning, instead of error

-   new limits of 300 SEA and 20000 wave steps before warning (requires Wajac D6.4-03 or later).



·  Code check


o   Error in code check acc. to Eurocode, also changed from reporting uf655 to uf654 (OTD5496)

o   Using AVM to get path to PULS AV and PULS Excel (OTD5636)

o   Implemented new method for creating capacity members. Fixed issue with detecting incoming beams not part of the current selection (OTD5590)

·  Reporting


o   Load summary reports wrong selfweight of concept model when mesh is created for a subset of the model (OTD5783)




Version V6.5-04, 14 June 2013


Official Release (32 bit & 64 bit)



·  User Manual Vol 1

·  3.8.10, 3.8.11, 3.8.12 - Added description of point-point connection (OTE4345)

·  3.3.4 – Added description of new guiding geometry:

o   Circle from Center, Normal and Radius

o   Circular Arc from Three Points and Radius

·  3.4.3 – Added description of new structure creation group, shells with circular sections:

o   Circular Cone/Cylinder

o   Elliptical Cone/Cylinder

o   Revolve a Profile around an Axis

o   Pipe

· - Added description of three new buttons on the View Manipulation toolbar:

o   Turntable Rotate

o   Camera Undo

o   Camera Redo

·  5.2 - Added description of new key-combination:

o   S+RMB - Align model with major axis.


·  User Manual Vol 3

· - Scantling Idealizations, fixed erroneous references. (OTD4124)

·  9.2 – Updated description of clean JS export (OTD4405):

o   Changed “Curved geometry” to “Curved shells”

o   Added  - Feature edges are not exported.

·  9.4 – From/to FEM:

o   Auto detect disconnected inner beams (added this paragraph)

o   Change point tolerance during import (updated this paragraph)

·  User Manual Vol 5

·  Added description of CSR-Harmonised


·  Reference Documents / SACS To Sesam

·  Updates to paragraphs 1.3, 1.4, 1.7 (OTE4446)


·  Guiding Documents / SACS Import Guidelines

·  Updates to cover improvements done to the SACS-import in V6.5


·  Examples / B11 example

·  Updates to cover improvements done to the SACS-import in V6.5, js-file added to example


·  Reference Documents/Codecheck implementation of ISO and Codecheck implementation  API WSD

·  New option implemented for joint capacity check according to ISO 19902 and API WSD 2005.
It is now possible to also calculate the capacity based on the geometrical limits (“beta”, “theta”, “tau”, “gamma” and gap/Diameter-ratio)
The maximum usage factor of actual geometry and the limit geometry values will be reported to be governing.




New features


·  Support for Windows 8 – 64 bit (OTE4189).  Note that Windows 8 is not a recommended platform, since some of our 3rd party components are not approved for Windows 8.

·  Draft CSR-H – IACS Harmonized Common Structural Rules for Bulk and Tank (according to draft standard) available for testing. Requires updated version of DNV Rule Service delivered as part of Nauticus Hull June 2013.

·  SACS import

o   Improved memory handling, managing larger models. Not running out of virtual memory (OTE4184).

o   Wishbone handling improved, allow all configurations (OTE4327)

o   Turn off “import named joints” as default in SACS import dialog (OTD4337).

o   Interpret AMOD card ( AMOD factor 1.33 -> storm condition, AMOD factor 1.00 -> operating condition) -> design condition is set on load combination JS file. (OTE2956).

o   Beam line and point loads in beam local system (OTE4336)

o   Create a RES_GRUP set for members that shall be included in capacity check (OTE5200).

·  Code checks

o   New gap computation, more accurate computation of cases with overlapping beams.(OTD3487).

o   AISC, add option for 1/3 increase of capacity for storm conditions. (OTD3594)

o   API WSD 2005 joint check – use max of limit values from geometric check and actual values (OTE5180)

o   ISO joint check – use max of limit values from geometric check and actual values (OTE2862)

·  Structure creation

o   New feature for modeling “Shells with circular sections” (OTE4428).


·  Guiding geometry

o   Export of all types of curves (guiding, beams, support) to clean js-file.

o   Surface modeling and export / import enhancements

o   Added new Arc creation method - two points, radius, direction point (OTD4414)

o   Added new Circle creation method - 1 point, radius, direction point (OTD4415)

·  XML exchange

o   Slicer with target loads is supported (OTE4146)

o   Dynamic sets on XML (OTE4449).

·  Graphics

o   Better control of joint symbol in 3D graphics. Set joint symbol size as e.g. 1.2 of largest diameter member at joint.

o   Hoops 19.30 used. This solves issues related to graphics (e.g. OTD2794)

o   Turntable Rotate: Improvement of rotation, e.g. lock Z to be vertical, etc.

o   Camera Undo and Camera Redo

·  Undo-redo

o   Undo redo works across meshing and analysis activities (OTD3963).

·  Remove question about displaying beam profiles in Xtract  (OTE4398)

·  Support Sestra input option to relax element shape criteria (OTE4412). Requires Sestra version 8.6-00 or newer.




·   SACS import:

o   Structural mass value wrong when grouted member (OTD5015)

o   Illegal current values for WDP option on CURR card. (OTD5006)

o   Load intensity values incorrect (OTD4959)

o   Import of wave type STRN fails ()

o   Units problem in PSI import( )  Selecting database length unit of 'mm' or 'in' resulted in wrong number of layers (both units) and wrong bottom z-level value ('mm' only) 

o   Fix error when reading SECT cards with values written as e.g. "9E-1" (OTD3964)

o   Wishbone fixity criteria relaxed" (OTD3949)



·  XML export/import: Added mesh property on support curves (OTD5107)

·  Label free edges crashed HOOPS (with DX9 and OpenGl2 graphics) (OTD4933)

·  Fixed mesh performance when meshing with many point loads (OTD5034)


·  Fixed problem when writing prescribed displacements on node with 3 FEM file (OTD5014)


·  Fixed crash when re-run meshing activity after undo for only model with Pile & Soil (OTD5012)


·  Fixed incorrect mesh reference when importing model in database units set to mm. (OTD4980)


·  Fixed crash when meshing point-point connections that are connected to nodes that are not meshed (OTD4692)


·  Fixed problem with point load not being meshed if the beam it has been applied to is not part of current mesh context.(OTD4857)


·  Fixed problems with extra pile segments (OTD4973)


·  Only structure concepts and guiding geometry can now be added to dynamic sets.


·  Fixed problems with dynamic sets being added to other dynamic sets.


·  Fixed translation of wildcard to regular expression for LimitString (OTD4968)


·  Corrected problem with flashing polygons caused by incorrect drawing of the join between two lines. (OTD4987)


·  XML export/import, joint code check, ISO, info about XjointTensionFormula ( e.g. OMAE2008 ) was missing (OTD4821)


·  Fixed performance problems regarding XML import of compartments.


·  Fixed Crash when creating dynamic set with LimitNot of LimitLine plus multiple dynamic sets in the model. (OTD4946)


·  Fixed bug relate to concept information and removal of unused nodes (OTD4084)


·  Win8: CRASH when creating Polyline from Curve (OTD4867)


·  HOOPS error: CRASH when RE-meshing with different mesh algorithm (OTD4647)


·  Unnamed compartment is created (OTD4831)


·  Win8: Crash when create KnotVectorPoints of GuideLine after creating ControlPoints (OTD4865)


·  Zero forces for some braces in joint code check (OTD4901)


·  Report generation crashes GeniE when exporting to Text format and table name longer than 75 characters. (OTD4931)


·  Missing members in capacity model due to differences in eccentricities(OTD4604)


·  Connected move with scaling transform now works.(OTD4879)


·  Fixed error in picking of properties (OTD4876)


·  ESC has been made to work to close several dialogs, some dialogs can still not be closed by pressing ESC. (OTD4711)


·  Fixed problem with double-clicking on selection after confirming polygon select going into edit mode (OTD4326)


·  Fixed problem with applied loads being visible when switch to load combination, switch to no loadcase or regenerate loads in loadcase. (OTD4235)


·  Fixed issue with loads not being displayed when saving images. (OTD4822)


·  Fixed problem with calculating placed shape of complex compartment when it has filled bulk content. (OTD4834)


·  Fixed bug in compartment fill height dialog - made it impossible to activate 2 radio buttons at once (OTD4019)


·Fixed problem with applying prescribed displacements  (OTD3974)


·Delivery example B7 fails in analysis on XP 32bit - and also occasionally also on other platforms - updated JS files for B7, B8 and B9 example with more tolerance-safe JS commands (OTD3865)


·Fixed bug: Changes made to guide plane: display color, transparency etc. can be visible after GeniE restart only (OTD3989)


·Fixed numerical inaccuracies in curve parameter calculation (OTD3982)


·Fixed bug: Not all edges of a plate are created as guiding curves (OTD3980).


·Fixed bug: Cannot apply entered coordinate value of plane for pile creation (OTD3883)





Version V6.4-08, 31 Jan 2013


Official Version (32 bit & 64 bit)




Updated User Manual - Volume 1.

· description of automatic rubberband selection (OTE 3257)

·  3.3 and 3.4   Added description of new guiding geometry and structure (OTE 3605, OTE 2992, OTE 3150)

New guiding geometry:

Guiding Geometry/Free-Form Curves/Modify Control Polygon

Guiding Geometry/Free-Form Curves/Polynomial Bridge Between two Curves

Guiding Geometry/Split/Join Curves/Split at Length Fraction

Guiding Geometry/Curves on Surfaces/Surface-Plane Intersection

Guiding Geometry/Curves on Surfaces/Surface Edges

New structure:

Structure/Shells from Point-Nets/Point-Net Fitting

Renamed structure:

Structure/Free Form Shells

This group is renamed. It was called “Curved Shells” in previous version

Structure/Shells from Point-Nets

This group is renamed. It was called “Advanced Shell Creation” in previous version

·  3.8.5  Disconnected inner beam – description added (OTE 3380)

·  2.14  Tension/Compression Analysis


Updated User Manual - Volume 2

·  Page 64Explanation of new value for Wind profile formula: Extreme API 21 (OTE3830)

·  Page 104  Explanation of new option: Edit Wave Load Run/Special Options/Ignore breaking wave height limit


Updated User Manual - Volume 3

·  3.3.7Specified that label free plate edges only works between plates (OTE3707)

·  Equipment – description of new method (OTE 3256)

·  9.6 SACS import. Updated the chapter with description of new import SACS dialog.

 Updated User Manual - Volume 5

·  Page 57 Table with buckling checks to be performed were misleading for corrugated bulkheads : web plate check panel size is b x b and flange plate check panel size is 2b x b. 

Updated Reference Documents


·  Intermediate results fbymax and fbzmax explained (OTE 3258)


·  Added the following comment: However, the AISC 360-10 June 2010 version is also supported (no changes in 2010 which affect the current implementation) (OTE 3413)


·  Updated SACS Reference document based on SACS converter version 2.3-00 (including wave loads and pile soil interaction analysis data)


Updated Examples

·  A2   Changed Create Flat Plate to Cover Curves + fixed some typos and screen dumps (OTE 3149).

·  B11   New example about SACS import of a topside


Guiding/training documents

·  New document added: SACS-import guidelines - Guidelines on how to import SACS models into GeniE.

·  GeniE Rhino plugin documentation updated. Now also covering plugin for Rhino 5.0 64bit.




New features


·Tension / Compression analysis available from GeniE.

Sestra V8.5-02 or later is required for this feature to work.


· Wajac wind profile type "Extreme API21" is now supported from GeniE (OTE3830).

o   A new wind profile type "Extreme API21" has been added to represent a wind profiles according to API 21st edition.

o   The old wind profile type "Extreme" is kept, and is still according to API 1st edition.

o   Further, the new WINX card is used when required to represent the mean period ration in full precision for all wind profiles.

 Wajac V6.3 or later is required for this feature to work.

·  Wajac user option to ignore breaking wave height limitation is now supported from GeniE (OTE3831).

o   On the "Special options" tab of the wave load run, a new check box has been added with name "Ignore breaking wave height limitation".

o   Checking this option, and Wajac will proceed even if braking limit is exceeed.

Wajac V6.3 or later is required for this feature to work.


·  SACS import

o   Manual soil curves are now imported.

o   Wishbone elements are now imported.

o   Tapered members are now replaced with a beam with average cross section.


·  Equipment – new equipment to mass model – vertical beams with mass (OTE3095).

·  Guiding geometry – several improvements related to Guiding Curve and Surface modeling.

·  GeniE Rhino plugin - updated. Now delivering plugin for Rhino 5.0 (64bit and 32 bit) and for Rhino 4.0 (32bit)


· DirectX 9 and OpenGL 2 support.  

We now allow users to use DirectX 9 (DX9) and OpenGL 2 to render graphics as an alternative to OpenGL.

DirectX 9 (DX9) will be default after installation. The graphics will normally perform the same as (or better than) before. Some artifacts may be observed on DX9, if that becomes a problem revert to OpenGL.

On modern non-Intel cards DX9 is most likely to be the best driver, then OpenGL2, then OpenGL.


DX9 is the option to use on devices that does not support OpenGL (e.g. Intel HD cards), or if Genie graphics is unstable/unsatisfactory or giving poor performance on your graphics card.

How to switch graphics device :

Open a new or old GeniE database.

In View | Options... General tab - Locate the “Select Graphics Device” in the list.

It will as default show DX9 - Click on the icon in front of the device name to switch to OpenGL2. Click again on the icon to switch to OpenGL2. Click again on the icon to switch back to DX9.

Exit from GeniE

Restart GeniE, and re-open the workspace. The new setting is now active and will be default for all subsequent GeniE sessions.



The DirectX 9 redistributable must be installed if not already installed. It will be installed when installing GeniE from the DNV Software Installer (master setup) program.

The recommended version of DX9 is also found on:




·  Corrected problem with “Importing FEM file into Analysis” - that made GeniE fill up memory and hang computer for FEM model with error (OTD3921)  
- Improved handling discontinous beam concepts (e.g. where mesh is missing for one segment), so that the beam still is imported (but only as one concept for each segment instead). 

·  Prevent graphics window from being resized to zero width or height - this made GeniE crash or hang (OTD3913) 

·  Corrected crash when entering commands in script command window without any workspace open (OTD2870)

·  Fixed program crash in Tools/Structure/Verify when code check capacity models are invalid (OTD3888).

·  Fixed corruption of sat file during xml export and file save of model with cylinder geometry. Change save version of .sat files to ACIS R20 (OTD3887).

·  Checking more HOOPS DX9 Error messages to fallback in cases where DX9 fails to start (OTD2590).

·  Corrected SACS/WAJAC import: Wave load input import no longer fails for negative waterSurface.z (OTD3859).

·  Fixed problem with poor performance and excessive memory usage when displaying line loads (OTD3864).

·  Don't set camera for invalid bounds (OTD3829).

·  Corrected error with wrong units for support curve in the browser (OTD3821).

·  Corrected random node and element numbering for X-braces (OTD3802).

·  Corrected error in JS parsing (e.g. for JS load expressions) when evaluating e.g. (a+b).toDouble(); (OTD3804)

·  When regenerating compartments in scripting, we need to verify the model prior to the compartments being available for scripting. (OTD3753)

·  Corrected problem where the mesh was distorted on some models in 64-bit mode when using Advancing Front mesher (OTD3166).

·  Corrected problem with moving plate with joint on that caused joint to be deleted (OTD2744). New behaviour: Don't move joint unless no topology remains at the location of the joint to support its existence.

·  Corrected problem with the "timestamp"_Tx.SIN file not being released when closing the workspace. (OTD2739)

·  Fixed crash when rotating mesh after re-analysis (OTD3737).

·  Correcte problem not being able to create Capacity Member from Beam (OTD3606). This problem was due to differences in corrdinates due to tolerant modelling.

·  Made it easier to select a feature edge in graphics view (OTD3043). Also the edges that pops up when double clicking on a plate are easier to select.

·  Corrected the failure to remove Mesh Option from selection, and also remove Hydro property from selection (OTD3681).

·  Removed incorrect warning about missing loadcases when meshing (OTD3625).

·  Corrected crash when meshing a support point at no structural point (OTD3691).

·  Corrected crash when selecting joint after deletion when activated (OTD3709).

·  Preventing selection from being destroyed when we  refresh the display, especially when you have a mesh (OTD3629).

·  Corrected problem with applying constant loads on plates in a compartment (OTD3646).


·  Made the sequence of BELOAD cards on the FEM file has been stable (OTD3634).

·  Assigning a new FootprintBeam to a line load now works (OTD2917). Also fixed the similar problem with assingning a new footprint for surface loads.

·  Corrected problem with failure to show wave profile for short waves compared to water depth (OTD3620).

·  Corrected the tooltip definitions for shear forces and moments in the beam diagram tool (OTD3621).

·  Preview of the cutting plane and point-set always show even though the preview box is unchecked (OTD3572). When snapping a coordinate, the preview is updated when the point is moved, even if the coordinate in question remains unchanged.

·  Corrected problem where equipment loads incorrectly applied to certain offset beams (OTD3207).

·  Corrected problem with creating point set from cutting plane: cutting plane normal vector can hardly be selected by snapping points (OTD3050).

·  Corrected crash in SACS import when importing with concept information (OTD3597).

·  Corrected problem when importing concepts from SACS/FEM, the whole import will fail if creation of one beam has failed (OTD3467). Also fixed poor performance and many error messages if there are many joints that are un-connected to beams.

·  Corrected problem opening old database with pile-soil analysis and rerunning fails (OTD3573).

·  Corrected problem “Unknown error” when create curved by cutting plane intersecting at no curves (OTD3565).

·  Corrected problem with ghost graphics in Mesh view after Refresh Graphics (OTD3520).

·  Corrected error in meshing crashes with a message "vector<T> too long" (OTD3432).

·  Corrected error in presentation of intermediate results for ISO cone check (OTD3053).

·  Corrected error “Conditional Regenerate Mesh” not working with Pile/Soil analysis (OTD3041).

·  Show error message when trying to export js and xml file to invalid folders (OTD2745). 



Version V6.3-06, 12-Sep-2012


Official Release (32 bit & 64 bit)



·  Examples A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A7, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B8, B9, B10 – minor updates and corrections related to GUI updates.

·  Example B11 – new example related to SACS import


 New features


o   DirectX 9 driver available as an alternative to OpenGL.





·  Fixed crash when performing Tools | Structure | Verify for a very large model (OTD390).


·  Fixed crash when trying to subdivide curve at start or end of curve. (OTD373).

·  Fixed HOOPS crash running analysis with load combs, running fine without load combs (OTD363=IM6467).

·  Fixed crash after SACS import. GeniE may crash due to Hoops error (OTD366=IM6227).

·  Fixed crash when displaying transparent beams (OTD364).


·   Save of graphics on HSF format no longer crashes on V6.3 (OTD310).

·   Fixed problem of Beam Deflection diagrams may occasionally be plotted as global absolute deflections instead of deflections relative to end of beam(s) in local coordinate system (OTD377).

·   Fixed problem of missing elements on mesh. When 1 element is specified on a beam using a Number of Elements property, then this may result in 0 elements on small segments (OTD378).

·   Fixed performance problem opening old models in mesh view (OTD362).

·   Fixed major performance bottleneck in meshing (Related to hinges). This solves a severe performance degradation also for any large model without hinges. (OTD354, OTD267).

·   Fixed error with computation of thickness of chord in joint code check (OTD352).

·   Fixed crash + visual defect when displaying labels with label arrows (OTD343).

·   Fixed performance issues with HOOPS (OTD336 and OTD337)

·   Preventing crash when preview fails, e.g. for copy/move (OTF172)

·   When adding segments to a beam the "rings" are shown when leaving segmentation mode (OTD308).

·   Fixed crash when meshing model containing conical sections (OTD308).

·   When saving ModelView including ColorCode, the colors were offset (OTD302).

·   Fixed crash when creating Feature Edge with no topology (OTD281).

·   Fixed crash when create new workspace after having the Join dialog open (OTD259)

·   Fixed crash when meshing a subset of model and trying to display mesh (OTD269)

·   Geometric Modelling: Fixed crash when creating Poly-curve but click RMB at the guide plane without any selection (OTD244)

·   SACS/FEM import: Corrected units of import tolerance when database units are different from the default (OTD263)






Version V6.3-02, 12-Jun-2012


Official Release (32 bit & 64 bit)



·  User Manual - Volumes 1 and 3 are updated related to new and enhanced features:

·  Updated structure on menu toolbars.

·  New features in Guiding Geometry modeling.

·  DXF import.

·  SACS and FEM import enhancements.

·  Code Checks supported on XML export/import.

·  User Manual - Volumes 4 is updated related to :

·  Global and Member options dialogs are updated for several code checks.

·  Training documents.

·  Added tutorial on how to install and use the Rhino 4.0 plugin.



New features


·  Guiding Geometry modeling enhancements.

·  SACS and FEM import enhancements.

·  Code Checks supported on XML export/import.

·  DXF import.

·  Rhino 4.0 plugin, import of models from Rhino.



·Crash with line load on 8 node membrane elements (IM6506).

·  Can not import superelement results for partially retracked superelement hierarchy (IM6505). 

·  FEM Loadcase numbering changes after XML import (IM5501).

·  Code check joint without aligned Chord: API WSD 2005, NORSOK and ISO 19902 (IM6469).

·  Orthotropic (shear) material does not work with second order membrane elements (IM6390).

·  Crash when using LimitBox in a Dynamic Set (IM6483).

·  Negative numbers in File | Old Save Report presented as zero (IM6463).

·  Error in Locate FE dialog, displays and highlights wrong numbers (IM6453).

·  Soil Curve manual data not copied when doing Copy/Paste (IM6438).

·  The pulldown list for named sets is not sorted alphabetically (IM5993).

·  Fixed pile inner beam double node problem (IM6396).




Version V6.2-02, 29-Mar-2012


Official Release (32 bit & 64 bit)



·  User Manual - Volume 3 - Updated with description of Wajac Import.

·User Manual – Volume 4 - Reference documents are updated with description of new input options related to code checks.

Note that the dialogs shown in the User Manual -Volume 4 - main document is not up to date. Thus, the reference documents for each code checks should be consulted for details on input parameters.

In the list of supported code checks in the User Manual -Volume 4 - the following should been be added:

o   Eurocode 1993-1-1 includes corrigenda NS-EN 1993-1-1:2005/AC:2009  and  NS-EN 1993-1-1:2005/NA:2008/AC:2010

o   API WSD 2005 includes error/misprint corrections in Errata 3, January 2007 (joint capacity check)


New features


·  Eurocode updates

oFormula 6.2:

Eurocode 1993-1-1, formula (6.2). Conservative approximation for all cross section classes a linear summation of the utilization ratios for each stress resultant may be used. This feature can be disabled by the user on the member tab.

oDue to the updates done to the Eurocode code check, the following corrigendas are now supported by GeniE:

NS-EN 1993-1-1:2005/AC:2009  and  NS-EN 1993-1-1:2005/NA:2008/AC:2010


· Norsok updates

o   Definition of the partial hydrostatic factor - Norsok Member Tab

The partial hydrostatic factors can be user defined on member code check tab. The partial hydrostatic factors are multiplied by the water pressure for each code check position. The partial hydrostatic factors are defined for to conditions “Operational” and “Storm”. The correspondent factor is selected accordingly with the analysis environmental condition.

o   Switch for cone hoop buckling strength: possible to use ISO 19902 or Norsok formula.

Users can use Hoop Buckling Strength for Cones defined in Norsok N-004 or ISO19902. It is not clear why ISO19902 and Norsok N-004 present different formulas.

Joint checks updates (all codes)

o   Azimuthal angle tolerance

User can now define azimuthal tolerance angle for joint design. Previous GeniE versions used 5 degrees as default value. This provides the possibility to define different sets of braces to be used on Joint Punch Check Analysis. 

o   Define Brace - Can End distance :

Define Brace - Can End distance in opposition to the only method used before (min distance). This option gives the individual brace - can end distance for the joint punch analysis.

Cone checks updates (all codes)

GeniE allows users to choose between internal forces on cone structures or adjacent forces on tubulars close to transitions points for Cone Code Check Analysis.
Analysis, where the cap end forces are computed, present internal axial force values bounded by the axial forces at the transitions.

Use of internal forces is coherent and recommended, but the use of external forces provides conservative results.


·  If meshing failed for models with un-meshable cyclic geometry, no mesh at all was shown. Now, the meshing will continue, with a warning given to message window. (IM6428).


·Warning from SESTRA related to loads and eccentricities should not be treated as an error. (IM6424)

·Mesh is not automatically loaded when running only a mesh activity (IM6425)


·Error in FEM import of line and point loads on beams with large eccentricities (IM6417)


·XML import/export : Eliminated structure in Wajac not remembered  (IM6417)



·  Code checks


oNORSOK N-004  Code check does not report uf6_28 on accumulated ufTot  (IM6388)


oNORSOK N-004  Usage factor uf6_39 does not contribute ot accumulated ufTot  (IM6412)


o   NORSOK N-004 Can reduction factors limited to 1 with failure information if Tn/Tc > 1. (IM6346)
Same change is also applied to ISO and API WSD 2005.


o   NORSOK N-004 Non-conservative reduction factor in joint code check for X & TY joints with can  (IM6422)
If the nominal thickness of the chord is different on each side of the can section we use the minimum Tn in the Tn/Tc ratio, ref. NORSOK N-004 section
Same change is also applied to ISO and API WSD 2005.

o   Eurocode check section. The condition for “chi<(1/lambda_bar^2)” was not completely fulfilled (IM6403)


· SACS import

o   Error in joint coordinates when using both 'm' and 'cm' colums in input file – and numbers in the ‘m’ colums are without decimal point.

o   Scaling basic load cases if a load factor is given on the LOADCN card,

o   Line loads on “whole” beam is only applied to the flexible part of the beams, consisten with SACS definition.

o   Line and point loads on beams are accurately applied on beams with large eccentricities.

o   Line and point loads are accurately applied on segmented beams.

o   Buoyancy – density of marine growth as default assumed to be equal to the density of water, i.e. a submerged member will have no contribution to buoyancy force due to marine growth.



Version V6.1-05, 28-Feb-2012

Official Release (32 bit & 64 bit)

 Accumulated list of changes after V6.0-08
 (including significant changes from development versions from D6.1-01 to D6.1-05).



· User Manual Volume 1, 2, 3 and 4 updated with description of new features.

Vol 1: Added paragraph 4.9 about backups, Updated paragraph 4.8 about external applications

Vol 2: Almost all screendumps replaced, text updates many places.

Vol 3: Chapter 9.4 from/to FEM updated,  Updated SACS-import and Gensod-import

·  Reference documents for Sacs Fem Import (updated) and Wajac import (new document).

·  Examples updated – added A8 Joint modeling workshop. 



New features


·  Automatically create backup for users whenever he saves the model (IM6357). The backup is program version dependent. See UM Vol 1

·  Setting Mindlin interaction code for group effects in Splice made available on Pile Soil Analysis activity in GeniE.

·GENSOD import:

§  Add option that GENSOD data are given with a datum (Z=0) at seabed, in addition to default option, that GENSOD data are given with a datum at Z=0 in model coordinates. Note that in GENSOD input, positve Z values are below the datum.

§  Iimport into analysis made possible - similar as for Wajac import


·  Plate code check CCPL is now part of GeniE.lite (IM6307)


·  FEM import of piles with properties

·  Preframe model with concept attributes import


·  Improved creation of concepts from elements during FEM concept import.


·  FEM import - option for "Import all nodes as joints". This feature should only be used for import of FEM files without named joints (i.e. TDNODE cards).


·  Added option for numbering of elements based on beam concept names / nodes based on joint concept names.
Beam name must start with "Bm" and be followed by a number, and joint name must start with "Jt" + and be followed by a number for this option to work. Conceptual beams that will create several finite elements will not be renumbered.


·  Tension compression truss elements can now be modelled in GeniE. Note that a tension compression analysis can not be performed by the standard Sestra as executed from GeniE, but needs to be performed in a special purpose tension compression analysis controller program that is under development.


·  Support for X-Joint meshing - when a joint is modeled where 2 beams intersect, and the 2 beams are detached - no node will be created at the intersection point.


·  Wajac import : Improvements


- Enhanced CDIA parsing (allowing dia = 0.0 and odd number of diameters)

 - Adding error handling blocks for more robust import

 - Enhanced Warning message for CDIR/CDIX and SPEC/SPEX parsing


·  SACS import: Extended functionality


 - supports CDM, MGROV and MEMOV + extended support of GRPOV

 - split log info in 2 separate files (.log and .CHK)

 - handle load combinations of wave load cases

 - set CD = -1 and CM = -1 if diameter override on MEMOV card

 - set up proper SEA cards, also for case of wave without current
 - enhanced logging





· Open workspace followed by Create workspace in the same GeniE session causes corrupt database (not possible to open in a subsequent session (IM6374).

·  Fixed crash in browser under code check when there were no active load case (IM6373).

·  Fixed crash by adding load results to analysis during FEM import into analysis (IM6362).

·  Crash when running wave load analysis input generation on SACS imported model with overlapping beams (IM6371).

·  Point mass defined as matrix was not imported from XML, but is now (IM6352).

·  Awkward behaviour when editing effective length factor for capacity member - fixed by a reset of all values for Z-components when turning on symmetry (IM6353).

·  Crash in generation of applied loads when equipment overlaps curved beams - fixed by not attempting to apply loads on curved beams (IM6359).

·  Grid cell transparency displayed incorrectly (IM6358).

·  FEM import: Delete all SIN files in analysis-folder to ensure consistency between FEM and SIN file at any time (IM6355).

·  Random crash when executing code check -  Prevent list and tree from updating during scripting operations (IM6343).


·  The Edit->Licenses/features... option enabled before workspace is opened.


·  Fixed error where user is unable to modify model after saving workspace (IM6324).


·  Force save of database after running analysis.


·  Fixed exit crash by eliminating update of view connectivity during program exit.


·  Fix crash when trying to do a fillet operation on invalid input


·  Fixed error in eccentricity calculation in X-brace when one beam has eccentricities and the other not (IM6318).


·  Fixed unnamed hinges after FEM import (IM6321).


·  Corrected load assignment for Curved Beam (IM6315).


·  Fix crash when importing XML file (IM6310).


·  Load summary FEM reaction report wrong for load combinations - when loadcase number for the load combination did not correspond to the result case number, then wrong or no results were reported (IM6314).


·  Bug fix for crash during meshing (Case99017).


·  FEM import of plates does not keep connection from concept back to triangular elements (IM6312).


·   Far and near braces wrongly computed for joint code check with load path dependency (IM6304)


·  Cannot open a workspace from Sesam Explorer (Brix) after it is moved to new location (IM6306)


·  Cannot find the GeniE model file in the folder (when workspace name has a trailing blank) (IM6305)


·  Fix program crash when transforming objects with an invalid transformation matrix.(IM6288)


·  FEM import : Line loads not imported from Struman - when GUNIVEC missing and LOTYP=0, should be LOTYP=1 for distributed load (IM6298)


·  FEM import : When GBEAMG cards are missing for explicit shapes, these sections are not imported (IM6292)


·  Crash during XML import when inconsistent wave data exists on XML file (IM6292)


·  SACS import: Fixed bug related to warped/twisted plates.


·  All dialogs and menus now respect the system DPI and are scaled correctly. Menu is also drawn according to system DPI. Menu font is now the same as ComboBox font, and it is initialized to the default system font at program startup unless the user overrides it in the View | Options dialog.


·  Removed red as a color in the default color coding palette - since this color also is used for current selection


·  Sestra lis error check -  ignore message containing text :

 The error may be due to use of load programs that do not take nodal offset or eccentricity into account


·  Crash when deleting objects after creating a model view. (IM6289).


·  Allow odd number of RN in CDWR cards. (IM6275)  


·  Limit table name and Named tag reference length to avoid Excel table disappear (sometimes) problem.


·  Delete beam with LJF hinge can cause program to crash


·  API LRFD 2003: Parameter A was not updated according to option "Capend Included" (IM6280)


·  Corrected sawtooth problem in beam force, stress and deflection diagrams for beams with large eccentricities. 


·  Gensod import – bugfixes

 - Corrected error in linear variation of capacity if Z at seabed different from zero.

 - Corrected error in unit weight of Sand.

 - Handling soil parameters if non-default units used.

 - Handling multiple Adjust data (several pile diameters).

 - Handling Adjust data also for rule based soil curves.

 - Handling odd number of levels in T-Z/Q-Z SECTION, assumes that bottom range to continue from lowest Z value and downwards.




Version V6.0-08, 24 November 2011

Accumulated list of changes after V6.0-03
 (including significant changes from development versions from D6.0-04 to D6.0-07).


Official Release (32 bit & 64 bit)



· Moving a Genie workspace to a new location in file system does not work (IM6265)

·  Brace plane categorization incorrect when brace plane angles are ~0 and ~360deg (IM6267)

·  Error when saving Report and export to XML when there is a blank in user name on computer (IM4981)

· Reporting Beam Properties: Mrz is "NaN" in AISC 2005 Beam code check report (IM6260)

· Poor performance when meshing model with corrosion addition on compartments (IM6258)

· Segment editing does not make the rest of the model transparent (IM6253)

·  On Edit | Beam - Offsets, the yellow eccentricity marker does not appear (IM6352)

· Beam hinges are not written to T1.FEM for all beams, when a beam has multiple FEM elements (IM6248)

·  Single symmetric I-section are written to FEM as GUSYI, not able to code check in Framework. (IM6236)

·  Issue with hanging equipment boxes in GeniE. (IM6242)

·  Crash when point loads and meshing a subset of the model. (IM6243)


· Flat region tool - created plates are not visible until 3D view is re-entered (IM6127).

·  The copy/move preview does not show up at all or only shows the last instance (IM6218).

·  Problem related to import of load combinations in StruCad models (IM6225).

·  GeniE crashes when many Import STRUCAD3D operations are done without exiting (IM6228).

·  Divide of polycurve with a plane fails (IM6230).

·  Color code not alphabetically sorted is fixed (IM6223).

· Maximum 6 diameters may be used for CDIA card for Wajac, should be 12 (IM6224)


·  When meshing overlapping beams on a plate where one beam is an inner beam, both beams were disconnected from the plate. (IM6212)

·  When meshing two overlapping beams where one has an inner beam solid property, GeniE's internal data structures was invalid (IM6212)

·  Load sum error when equipment footprint overlaps truss beams - these beams should be ignored since they can’t take line loads. (IM6215)

·  GUI bug when creating new section - Fabrication method does not show up properly, the first two characters are missing. (IM6214)

·  Performance improvement on application of surface loads to mesh + line loads to mesh. Use bounding box to limit the number of faces to evaluate during load calculation.

·  Performance fix when imprinting point load vertices on mesh.



Version V6.0-03, 30 September 2011

 Accumulated list of changes after V5.3-10
 (including significant changes from development versions from D5.3-11 to D5.4-02 and D6.1-00).

Official Release (32 bit & 64 bit)



· User Manual updated : Vol 1, Vol 3 and Vol 4 updated with description of new features.

· Jscript help updated with more examples and searchable index.

·  Reference documentation updated for “ISO Critical Joints”.

· Examples updated with revised dialogs.


New Features


·  SACS Import :

·Load combinations read into GeniE (via JS).  

·Corrected problem with double beam loads on jacket legs with inner beams (IM6141).

·Extended section library, improved handling of channel and T sections.

· Varying line loads handled also for beams with more than 3 segments.

·  For 64 bit version increased max number of nodes and elements to 25000, while limit is 10500 for 32 bit version of GeniE.

·  Enhanced warning message

-   when SECT name starts with an integer

-   when SECT/LOAD name contains special characters

-   load type is not supported


·SACS Import and FEM import : Improvement on the import of beam point and line loads, so that the connection to originating beams are maintained.


·Giving user option to join load and result cases when importing a SIN file (for compatibility with earlier releases.
When running interactively the user will be prompted:

Do you know that the loadcases in Genie match the resultcases in the SIN file ?
That is that FEM loadcase number 1 in GeniE is corresponding to SIN resultcase number 1, and so on.
If replying Yes, the SIN results case numbers will be matched to the loadcase with same FEM numbers, when these exists.
If replying No, all result cases will appear as separate entities, e.g. Analysis1.resultCase(N)

When running in batch, the following JS command must be added:

SinImporter = ImportResultsSin();


·  Frame code checks ISO:

·  ISO Joint Check “critical” joints, the option to compute “Ub from run” is now available. (IM6128).
  It is required that the code check run contains both members and joints for the new feature to work, and the relevant joints must be tagged as critical.
  This is most easily done when setting the default values when creating the capacity run.

·Update for “critical joints” with user input of the lower threshold for Ub.

·  Added an alternative formula for X-joints in tension

·Frame code checks : Results stored on HDF5 files, reducing chance of running out of virtual memory.

· Reporting : Added option for producing output to CSV format text files (similar to Framework). From GUI in the File | Save Report... select CSV file format.
Note that in this report, numbers should be selected to be presented in Scientific format with 4 significant digits.
Further, note that this CSV format is not suited for reporting on models when names of concepts, properties, load cases, etc. have more than 12 characters.


·Update of mesh with support points and point masses without change of external element numbers.

·Performance improvements for display of plates and beams, both structure view and mesh view.

·  Performance improvements for display of a subset of the model, both structure view and mesh view.



· SACS import: On SACS import, output units are fixed to Genie database units.

·  Graphics: Performance improvements when displaying capacity models

·  Graphics : Corrected problem where labeling of Node or Element numbers unloaded SIN result file.

·  Memory consumption in DNV Rule Service reduced, making it possible to run much more than 100.000 panels times loadcases in one run,

·  The DNV Rule service now also should run on Win 7 (32 and 64 bit) and XP (32 bit and 64 bit) platforms.

·  Graphics performance improved

·  Poor performance of meshing (generating applied loads) for loadcases with many point loads.

·  NORSOK member check : uf6_33 did not contribute to accumulated ufTot (IM6200).

·  No reaction force reported in Report if point mass is at the same node (IM6198).

·  Fixed crash when importing SIN result file (IM6188).

·  Genie dialogs - minor fixes :

o   Import Section Library incomplete GUI (IM6192)

o   Sum of loads sometimes not fully visible in the property loadcase (IM5558)


·Display of General Section fixed - normalised wrt. area of general beam - to avoid "infinite" extent of graphical model in outline view.

·  Error in created Gensod.inp when linear varying skin friction and Z=0 at a different position than seabed. (IM6161). Genie will now validate that the Z levels specified encloses the soil layer.

·  Guide points not visible with hardware acceleration off (graphics card)  (IM6122)

·  Fails to modify the value in a grid cell from 0 to a different value in Regular Wave Set dialog (IM6169)

·  Redesign of model with ‘mm’ database unit not possible due to failure in syncronisation between concept model and capacity model. (IM6160)



· Point mass as matrix writes mass contribution 2 times to FEM file (IM6129)


·Load case property “Design condition” not exported to clean js (IM5868)
   - corrected so that it also works for loadcases in the "Global" loadcase folder.

·  Empty sets on FEM mesh import to analysis
   - a crash fixed when set did not contain any nodes or elements.

·  Adding LinearAnalysis makes it impossible to import resultcases from a SIN file (IM6116)
   – GeniE will now give an error message to user if the analysis imported into contains a result generating activity.

·  Create Pile now works with the snap plane as before.

·  Soil data XML export/import bug for linear varying skin friction.

·  Scripting error for flat region in workspace with length unit other than meter.

·Geometric Modelling: Flat-Region. The tolerance for the length of edges to be neglected became 0.1mm when database unit was mm. (IM 6167).

·  Outline view not working for topology lines in mm workspace (IM6175).






Version V5.3-10, 14 Apr 2011


Official Release. 

Accumulated list of changes after V5.2-04
( including significant changes from development versions/release candidates D5.3-00 to V5.3-09).



o   User Manual updated : Vol 1, Vol 3, Vol 4, Vol 5 and Vol 6 updated with description of new features.

§  Activity Monitor :  Vol 1 - 3.13.1, Vol 6 -

§  Beam deflection: Vol 1 - 3.14.1.

§  Beam deflection graphics : Vol 4 – 4.1.5.

§  Beam deflection report : Vol 6 –

§  Graph - select components:  Vol 4 - 4 - new limitations table, Vol 4 - 4.1.

§  Explore Current Workspace : Vol 6 – 2, Vol 6 - 2.1.6.

§  Flat region : Vol 3 -

§  Move/copy - extended dialog : Vol 3 - 3.2.12.

§  Offset: Vol 1 -

§  Frame code checks : Reference documents for Vol 4 on code checks updates. Cm document added

§  Plate code checks : Table for CSR Tank (PULS) buckling results added.

o   Documentation of Tutorials updated


New Features






·Application Version Manager is now automatically started from Genie (to update references to Sesam programs without the use of SESAM.INI)

·GeniE license check: When license check failed , there is an option to open MLG file with details of why license check failed.  The message file named yyyymmdd_hhmmss_pid_GENIE.MLG is now written to %TEMP% folder (resolve environment variable TEMP).

·FlexLM 11.5 is supported.

·Provided a feature to explore the files in a GeniE workspace, starting Explorer in the current workspace directory (IM5845).
New functions, Workspace.Dir and Workspace.Name are now available from JS.
Example of use: to create name of a file in current workspace directory, with same name as workspace : 
afile = Workspace.Dir+"\\"+Workspace.Name+".png";


·Added feature in Locate FEM dialog extended with option to detect adjacent or overlapping nodes (within a given tolerance) (IM5963)

·Flat region tool – see user manual

·Move/copy - the dialog is extended – more ways of specifying a translation vector.

·Added a feature to create an offset curve/surface from an existing curve/surface.



Wave load modelling

·Support for new options for minimum base shear and minimum overturning moment (in Wajac V6.2-01) (IM5955)

·Made it possible to give data in Edit Wave Load Run dialog for Buoyancy Only resulting in LOAD=2 on SEAOPT in Wajac (IM2790).


Soil/Pile modelling

·Gensod Import:

-   JS command to perform the import is implemented.

-   Matching between soil-data and layers improved.

·Soil curves - Removed limitation on missing ability for manual specification of T-Z/Q-Z tensile (negative) values



·Slicer – added JS command for CSV file output for one loadcases, including loadcase name, target values, end corrections and values at slicer positions.

·Slicer – added option to omit writing end correction moments to FEM file (only to be used for IACS HSR rule development and calibration).



·Import of FEM Model - retain mesh with node and element numbers.
Note that when using this feature, only property and load updates is allowed.
The user must not add or delete members, change the topology or mesh properties.

·Meshing rules, defaults changed to be enabled for new workspaces.
When reading old JS files with GenieRules.Compatibility.version="D5.3-07" or lower, the same features will be disabled.
- Eccentric hinges
- Long loadcase names
- Long set names
- Long property names


·Added option for starting Xtract with reading beam sectional data option switched on or off (IM5445)

·Starting Xtract from GeniE : Opens T*.FEM file instead when no R*.SIN file exists (IM5964)

·2D graph tool - Extended with options to specify refinement on deflection shape presentation.

·FEM Beam Reporting Displacement and Displacement Envelope - Extended with options to specify refinement on deflection shape presentation.

·3D graphics settings enhanced with options to specify the beam deflection shape settings (linear,cubic). Note that viewing cubic deflection  is better done in the “Mesh” view, since in the “Results with mesh” - one will always see straight lines between the nodes in addition to the cubic shape. In the “Results all” view, the cubic setting will have no effect.

·Implemented handling of real result combinations based on complex results, created by PREPOST - Feature may only be used when using loads/displacements/forces/stresses in connection with Import FEM and Import External Results SIN file.

·Result-case description query, shows all result case properties. Loadcase type, Wave data, Response frequency, etc. This is activated by selecting additional field “Resultcase Description” in the current analysis folder in the browser.


Code check – frame

·Purge defaults to TRUE in dialog for creating all type of Frame code check runs.
By only storing the result values for only the worst position in the GeniE database, we get reduced memory usage.

·Loads on the fly defaults to TRUE in dialog for creating all type of Frame code check runs.
By not storing the element load values in the GeniE database,  but recompute them every time they are needed, we get reduced memory usage.

·ISO code check, added option to use Local or Max bending moment.

·Norsok code check, added option to use Local or Max bending moment.

·Hydrostatic pressure due to wave also taken into account in code checks in connection with SIN imported results. Note that an infinite wave length is assumed when computing the hydrostatic pressure, giving a slight overestimation of pressure values.

·Made it possible to document graphically code checking parameters Labelling of member capacity model buckling factors by added labelling of "Buckling Factors" (Ky and Kz) and "Buckling Lenght" (Ly and Lz) on member capacity models. (IM3981)

·Added feature to enable/disable use of Eurocode 1993-1-1 formula 6.2 on a capacity member.

·Possibility for user to switch off torsion from shear usage factor on the scope of AISC code check (IM5845).


Code check - plate


XML export / import

·Added support for export/import of “Dummy Hydro Pressure” loadcases.

Mesh FEM Import

·Added options for importing a FEM mesh into an analysis. This import has some restrictions compared to the old FEM import, e.g. only first order elements are supported. With this option used, GeniE will retain connectivity to the imported mesh, and will attempt to keep the existing external Element and Node numbers.

Note that a regeneration of mesh will make the existing external numbering being lost.

·Save Report - FEM Nodes and FEM Elements now reported with external identifiers for imported FEM models.

·Graphics of Mesh - Labelling FEM Nodes and FEM Elements with external identifiers for imported FEM models.

Results SIN Import

·Timestamp check on FEM files implemented, if non-matching date cards the user will be prompted. If the user decides to proceed, he must ensure that the model meshed and the model imported are compatible.






·When trying to find DNV Rule Service executable, try first definition from External Applications dialog (if given), then try DNVRuleService subfolder on current GeniE installation.

·Section libraries:  Will look for XML files at subfolder /Libraries under the current GeniE installation.

·Fix to the problem: When creating a new workspace with the newest version of Genie, older versions of Genie crashes if you try to create a new workspace in the same location without first deleting the files.

·Corrected random RTTI crash in Genie when opening an old database.

·Graphics performance: Ghost graphics problem has disappeared.

·Memory leaks when displaying deformed shapes, changing presentation or loadcase has disappeared

·Win7 specific corrections.

·  Executing example JS files from Program folder crashes GeniE.

·  GUI testing: Support point dialog correction, sliders for Boundary Condition is not visible on Win7.

·  Corrected problem with the OK, Cancel, Apply buttons being truncated at the bottom of several dialogs on Win7.

·  Genie will report License Check failed if the shortcut of Genie points to the program folder. If the problem still should appear, then the shortcut must be edited to have a “Start In” to a folder that is not under “Program files …” and the folder must exist. We recommend that the “Start in” folder e.g. is : C:\DNV\Workspaces\GeniE.




·Assigning Corrosion Addition to both Beam and Plate at the same time fails.

·Copy Dialog and Copy Offset Dialog

·Error messages were not displayed if you copy more than one object and you have failures.

·Added progress bar on copy offset dialog.

·Guide line without intermediate snap points (IM6059).

·Handling of eccentricities when joining aligned beams corrected (IM5361)

·Fixed problem with graphics of beam eccentricities not cleaned up properly.

·Fixed "cannot modify the thickness of an autocone".

·Box profiles imported from BS section library causes error when meshing (IM5785). - flange thickness of box sections was invalid.


Soil/pile modelling

·Fixed potential crash when removing rows in Soil Curves GUI.



·Fixed error in computing fill height from volume for irregularly shaped compartments.

·General performance improvement for Save Report.

·Removed bottleneck when computing applied loads for compartments. Time to compute applied loads for a VLCC 3 cargo hold model reduced by an order of magnitude.

·Correction in Applied Loads Computation for Multiply Connected Compartments (IM5943).

·Creating support curves during rule load XML import takes too long time

·Resolved GeniE crash in exclude-command when importing model with multiple analyses.

·Slicer target loads can be set wrong when using different database and input units (IM5985)

·Clicking in Slicer, Target loads tab crashes GeniE for a load combination. Note that slicer does NOT support load combinations (IM5958)

·Harmonic rotation field - horizontal gravity component has sign error (IM5800). The problem is now corrected so that the phase angle of horizontal gravity due rigid body motion and inertia forces are in phase.

·Compartment Loads: correction for applied compartment loads (IM5943).

·Resetting the Angle tolerance to 0.0 deg gives unexpected load usage values (IM5788).

·Unexpected load usage values after multiple workspaces opened (IM5789).


·Now we get edges in sorted sequence from curve. This prevents random mesh along an edge that is divided into segments of different size.

·Point loads on plate with loads given in a local coordindate system not work (IM6072).

·Fixed a crash in SimplifyTopology for some models  (IM6069).

·Corrected problems with meshing of models when database units is ‘mm’.

·Corrected problem that temporary file created during meshing was not closed until exit from GeniE.

·Memory leak when computing CSR Tank loadcases with shear forces at frames.

·Correction so that it is possible to copy plates with mesh locking applied, and get a decent mesh (IM5935)

·Corrected problem with erroneous displacements on support rigid link slave nodes when 2nd order elements (IM5924)

Code checks - frame

·Memory leak when using beam redesign dialog.

·EN1993-1-1 : Corrected factor for GammaM0=1.15 and GammaM1=1.15 when using from Norsok / Norwegian Annex and GammaM0=1.05 and GammaM1=1.05 with Norwegian Annex outside the context of Norsok. (IM5953).

·Thick welds check box was not working properly - EN1993-1-1 (IM5916)

·AISC Shear Design Strength - Update to Box sections - kv=5 and Section G7 is not considered (IM5491).

·Eurocode : Manually editing kc factor in dialog gives script execution error (IM5852).

·Load case property “Design condition” not exported to clean js (IM5868).

Code checks - plate

·Correction of computation of stresses used in CSR Bulk Yield check (max elementvise vonMises stress) for load combinations.

·Correction of computation of stresses used in CSR Tank Buckling with load combinations. These will now use the appropriate combined stresses when zeroing tensile components.



·Inform the user if an imported resultcase is complex : "Complex resultcase" "Real part only, Phase = 0 deg" in graphics window. There is no possibility of viewing results for other phase angles.

·Crash when changing option in Result Presentation for second model (IM5366)

·Crash when selecting attribute in Results Presentation dialog (IM5642).

·Improved handling on FEM Loads reporting for multiple analyses : When reporting from a non-active analysis - the appropritate FEM Loads sums and FEM Reaction forces are now reported from a workspace with multiple analyses.

·Discrepancy in beam force/stress diagram of shear force components (IM5740).


XML import/export

·Corrected error that made the Gensod soil data generation fail after XML import, if the location was not set as active.

·Export loadcase gravity acceleration vector also when all terms are zero. In previous releases, the acceleration vector was not exported. This made GeniE would assume a default gravity vector after import ( 0, 0, -G ), where G is the gravity acceleration, e.g. 9.80665 m/s^2). This means that exports from V3.5 will be safe, while when importing XML files from previous versions GeniE still may use default values instead of a zero acceleration vector.

·Cleaning up illegal object names when importing xml (IM5641).
XML import gives a warning when there is no structure, and the warning is misleading (IM5147).





In general, see the Status List at


The Status List is continuously updated to inform the user about newly detected problems and workarounds.