Welcome to the GeniE snack pack

16 September, 2015 - Revision 6


The purpose of the GeniE snack pack is to give you access to a number of utilities and special functions not yet available from the graphical user interface of GeniE.

The utilities are provided as script files (*.js files) and the script files are located in eight categories. For many of them there is an explaining text and pictures to show you how to use the files. Any known limitations are also listed. The categories are displayed as tabbed panes on top or as shortcuts on the right hand side

For the advanced user it is also possible to learn from these script files to make your own versions of them or even for new type of operations.

All the files herein have been developed by DNV GL – Software. If you have script files that you would like to share with other GeniE users we will add them to these snack pack on a case by case basis.

If you have questions or comments related to the GeniE snack pack, please contact us at software.support@dnvgl.com